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What If

Chapter ONE
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It’s been two years or just over two years that Holly’s life was in uproaring. Just over two years that the man of her dreams, Jake Peters, told her those nine ugly words that broke her entire fairytale. More than two years that she walked with this gape in her heart of saying goodbye to her one daughter and more than two years that she took each day at a time, trying to provide for the remaining one, and trying to give her the life that she should’ve had.
She would peek on Facebook now and then.
His account was private, so was Bernie’s. She knew if she was going to send Bernie a friend request from the fake account she would just ignore it, or worse, try to find out who it really belongs to and find out that Holly had kept the baby.
She would be livid with Jake, that much Holly knew, but the truth would come out that she kept the baby and she knew the Peterses would do anything in their power to get Jamie back. She knew Jamie had that power. She was already attracting so many single men that wanted to be a father figure to her, but Holly couldn’t see herself with anyone of them.
She sucked at the dating game and she knew why. She discovered it a year after Jamie’s birth.
She would never find another man ever again cause deep down inside she still loved Jake Peters.
Her mother always told her that time would heal, but Holly wasn’t so sure.
The only great thing that came out of this nightmare, was the fact that Holly had her mother back.
Jane was like her rock in so many ways, she was always there for Holly to give her the help she needed whenever things got too much. Especially a few months back when Jake’s face was plastered on all the medical journals and magazines.
He was seriously making a name for himself under Dr. Huyo.
Holly secretly wishes he could just stay there, but from the one article that Rod read out loud to her, she knew that he was going to return as he was speaking about finishing his last year of residency at P&E.
She hated that so much, not that there was any escape from him really.
His daughter was the blueprint of her father.
She had black soft curls in the nape of her neck, with the greenest green eyes and sun-kissed skin.
She looked nothing like Holly, to be honest, and some would even say that she abducted her when she was a baby.
But one thing Bernie was right, was that she would’ve walked away with all the baby competitions.
She was so damn beautiful.
Rod and Tracy kept nagging her to enter her just into one, but Holly knew it would be the biggest mistake of her life.
One of the Peterses will see, they will see her name and surname and they will know that Holly kept her.
She had to fill in more shifts at the hotel. The functions they held helped her to get extra funds. Rod and Tracey were all going to go on a ski trip before Christmas and it was usually their busiest time with functions. She couldn’t afford it. Since her father sort of figure out her reason for wanting to become a doctor, or thought it was her reason, he closed his hands and refused to pay a cent further to her studies.
She wasn’t that shallow, and Jake, to be honest, had nothing to do with the reason for her wanting to become a doctor.
She didn’t want women to suffer the way she had with Pre-eclampsia that could lead to the loss of a child.
But then Gus Peters, Jake’s dad, brought out the B71. A drug that has more or less the same abilities that his shake had, but it was something that had to be given through the I.V and monitored.
All Holly’s hopes were floored, but then through the letdown phase she found another interest. Hearts.
It was ironic how she and Mara found love in the same organ.
She still couldn’t get that day out of her head, even though she didn’t want to think about it.
She didn’t believe that Jake would stoop so low, leave her like that, and if she didn’t talk to him that day, she still wouldn’t believe it.
But it was what it was, just like he had said.
Her phone rang in the living room.
She was putting Jamie to sleep and she got up just as Jane, her mother answered the non-stop ringing.
She just opened Jamie’s door when Jane told Rodney, her new best friend to hold on for Holly.
He was everything she wanted in a friend, a brother, a male figure for Jamie, but alas all perfect men were gay.
“Hey,” she sounded slightly groggy from lying down way too long next to her princess on the bed.
“Hi, so have you spoken to your mother about the trip.”
“Rod?” She felt bad just for thinking about this fucking trip.
“Holly, you need a break, and I don’t mean from Jamie. I mean from school, work, everything that what you try to accomplish and just wine down.”
“I’m a mom, I don’t have that privilege.”
“Yes, you do. C’mon, your mom will understand. She’s been bugging me for a long time just to take you with on our trips. She wants you to take a break too.”
“And what about Jamie?”
Jane was giving her the raised eyebrow and she shook her head at her mother, not to worry about this conversation. She wasn’t going.
“She is off your boob. You are not her only source of supplement, Holly, and she is already two.”
“It’s close to Christmas, Rod.”
“We will be back before Christmas. I promise you won’t miss it.”
“Go,” her mother mouthed.
She rolled her eyes.
“Please, come with us. You will love it.”
Holly chuckled. “I’m going to break my legs or something. I’ve never skied before, Rod.”
“I’ll teach you. Everyone is going to be there.”
“C’mon Holly,” Tracey’s voice yelled in the background. She wasn’t a pre-med student like Rod and herself. She worked with them at the hotel.
Her mother egged her on again to go.
“You sure?” She asked Jane.
“Yes, go. You need these few days, Holly. Jamie will be fine.”
She sighed. She felt so guilty.
“Fine,” she finally said and she could hear background cheers coming from the receivers’ end.
“You won’t regret it.”
“I hope for your sake so.”
“Utah is beautiful this time of year. You will love it.”
“Fine, whatever.” She smiled.
“You can sound more exciting. Your arm won’t fall off. Speak to you later.”
She chuckled. “Okay, bye.”
She dropped the call and sigh.
“Oh, I always wanted to go to Utah. Do you know where you guys are going.”
“They were speaking about someplace called Alta or something.”
Her mother quickly went on the internet and googled Alta Utah.
“Oh Holly, you are going to have so much fun.”
A picture of a snowy mountain and beautiful treetops displayed the entire computer screen.
It looked fancy, way too expensive for her, but Rodney’s parents were loaded too. And she didn’t want to know how much this trip cost them. Something they apparently give Rod every year since his seventeenth birthday.
They looked through the website the entire evening, and looking at these pictures with her mother, she finally started to become excited about her trip with friends.
Maybe she did needed it.
A well-deserved break as Jane had called it, just to relieve the stress of paying for her intuition and working while studying and trying to raise her princess.

The day of the trip finally arrived.
They were going to go away for four days. The Ballucio’s even paid for flights and Holly couldn’t believe how easy Rod had it. No wonder he spoiled Jamie like that whenever he thought she wasn’t paying attention. But she had great respect for Rod’s mom and dad. They taught him at an early stage the value of money, and he had to work at the hotel during weekends whenever functions were held to earn his own money.
She loved that about them.
He wasn’t a spoiled brat like some other men who just get everything they wanted, even if it wasn’t a baby, or what turned out to be babies.
The Peterses were loaded too. Own a freak’en hospital and holiday spots.
She was glad that Jake was in China. She felt sort of free to venture a bit, but that didn’t mean that she couldn’t bump into any of the other Peterses.
Her biggest fear was to bump into Mara.
A few months back she was lucky that she jumps the gun on the doctor’s conference they held and was lucky that Frank bought her stupid excuse of Jamie coming down with something. Even her mother got out of being his plus one for that night. She was afraid of what she might do if she runs into the Peterses.
Holly was lucky, as it turned out Jake and Dr. Huyo were present that night too.
Rod couldn’t stop talking about it.
He didn’t’ end up serving them, but he did try to introduce himself to Jake, without success.
He didn’t tell her how he failed, but Holly was glad, cause she knew if he would be for ten minutes in his company, he would see Jamie in Jake, and then the truth would’ve come out.
She was so different from Holly. Everything she does make Holly remember who Jake was. She sees him in everything her little princess does.
It was a constant reminder of Jake, to be honest, and she knew she would never really escaped him.
“Earth to Holly,” Rod said next to her.
“Oh sorry, just thinking.” She said as they were in the air on their way to Utah.
“You are not a bad mom, Holly”, Rod said which made her laugh.
“That obvious?” she asked.
“A little.” He showed the amount with his fingers. “You need this, and you are going to love it.”
She sighed and smiled. She closed her eyes and rested her head against the back of her chair.
This was so uncomfortable.
And then Rod, the true gentlemen he always is, pulled her head toward his shoulder and grabbed her hand.
It felt nice to be touched, even if it was just holding hands.
She felt safe with Rod and she hated to think what would happen the day he would find out that the man he was looking up to, the guy he wanted to be like one day, was Jamie’s father.