Chapter ONE
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He’d seen it tonight again. Jamie started to look more and more like Jake.
But there was no way that he was her father. His lass aborts the baby, Holly’s chap didn’t want the babies.
The chap was definitely not his Jake, and phoning him, asking, would open the wounds again. Besides the timeline was all wrong.
His baby was due for April the following year, but considering that they were born twenty-five weeks….their time would’ve been around March, April.
He cannot phone Jake and be wrong. He just went to China, was doing good too. He would be back for Christmas though, maybe if he took Jane and Holly with too meet the Peters, it would set his mind at ease.
He was sure if it was Holly, everyone would say something, and if not, Holly was perfect for Jake and Jamie looks just like the boy. Nobody would know it wasn’t his.
Setting them up?
He thought about that so many times, but Jake still had a long time in front of him in China.
He would do it when Jake gets back.
He enjoyed a drink on his porch. It was chili but he loved Seattle.
His phone rang. Gus.
He picked it up. “Hey, Rat.”
Gus laughed. “Long time no see.”
“I know. Been so busy. I was just thinking about you.”
“Oh Frank, you know I’m a happily married man,” he joked.
Frank laughed. He knew Gus was only pulling his leg.
“Why were you thinking about me?”
“I might have a solution for Jake’s problem.”
“Oh please, Mara thinks she has one too.”
“Oh yeah, and what might that be?”
“A new Resident started. She is pregnant, Mara sees her as the potential for an instant family.”
“Let me guess, you hate it.”
“So much. It’s not going to replace what he had lost.”
“What if I tell you that I have the same idea.”
Gus roared with laughter. “You have someone in mind.”
“Yip and her daughter look a lot like the boy.”
“Is her mother a strawberry blonde? I’m afraid that it might be the only way that the boy would fall for it.”
Frank froze. Silence lingered for a while.
“Frank, you there?” Gus asked.
“How did you know?”
Silence lingered for a while. “The mother has strawberry blonde hair?”
Frank chuckled. “Yeah, she does.” Could this be a coincidence? His heart beat a bit faster. Coincidences don’t exist, his mother always said that.
“I didn’t. It’s just Jake is going through this phase, we are hoping that China is going to heal him from it.”
“A phase with strawberry blondes?”
“I really feel good about this introduction, Gus.”
He sighed. “I don’t know, Frank. I don’t think he would ever get over this. He still misses her, even if Mara doesn’t see it. I see my son less and less in the person he became. She really destroyed him.”
“Rat, I’m so sorry. I have the exact same on my hands. The girl I want to introduce him, the dad didn’t want them, wanted her to do an abortion and she couldn’t. It was one of the worst cases I’ve ever worked on. And one that is still close to my heart.”
“You talking about the instant family.”
Frank laughed. “Yes, her mother is one tough lady to impress but she is my downfall.”
“I wish, no, my money means absolutely nothing.”
“I like her more and more.”
“Remember you are happily married.”
Gus laughed.
Frank couldn’t help but think about the coincidence. Holly has strawberry blonde hair. “Can I ask you a question, don’t tell Jake, please.”
“Of course, what do you want to know?”
“What was the lass’s name that left him.”
Frank’s heart skipped a beat.
“Holly Scallanger,” Gus finished his reply.
Frank felt cold to the knees and he was glad that he was sitting down. “Say again?”
“Holly Scallanger.”
“Gus?” Frank cleared his throat. “It’s the lass I want to introduce to Jake.”
Silence lingered for a few seconds. “What?”
“Her name is Holly Scallanger. I’m dating her mother. She didn’t get an abortion.”
“Frank, are you joshing me.”
“No, I’m not joshing you. She is Jane’s daughter. The woman I’m seeing. Fuck. I want to say there is a reason this baby looks like him.”
“Baby,” Gus spoke softly.
“Yes, Jamie. Gus, she didn’t get the abortion. I need to go. I have to speak to Holly and find out what the hell is going on as she said he wanted her to get an abortion.”
“I’m coming, Frank.”
He disconnected the call.
What was this? Why would she say that Jake wanted her to have an abortion?
He dialed Jane’s number.
She picked up by the fifth ring.
“Miss me already.”
“Of course my angel. Is Holly still awake?”
“Let me go see. Is everything okay?”
“Of course. I just need to speak to her quickly about something.”
He listened to how Jane opened a door. “Holly,” she whispered. He heard her scurrying in the room. Holly grunted but nothing more. “Frank. I’m sorry, she is fast asleep. Is there something I can help you with?”
“No, no. It’s not important. I’ll speak to her tomorrow,” he said, thinking clearer now. She never told him the father’s name. There was a reason for that now.
If he lets her on that he knows Jake, they might do something stupid and he would never find them.
The call dropped after they said goodnight and he struggles to sleep.
Holly was Jake’s lass.
He could phone him now. Tell him. Put the boys’ heart at ease.
He dialed his number that Gus gave him a few weeks ago.
It rang, and finally, a voicemail picks up.
“It’s Jake, I’m not available at this moment, please leave a message.”
“Hi Jake, it’s uncle Frank. I don’t know if your dad phoned you already, it’s urgent please call me as soon as you can okay?”
He disconnected the call.
Holly was Jake’s lass, Jamie his daughter. What the hell happened two years ago?


He got a small break before the next surgery with DR. Huyo.
Ingrid was talking his ear off. She was one of his ‘go-to’ girls when he needed a release or a tease.
He found a couple of messages on his phone and listened to the first one.
“Jake, phone me when you get this please, it’s important son.”
He closed his eyes, he didn’t like his father’s tone. Someone died. He couldn’t deal with it now.
He dialed his father’s phone. It was off. Fuck, why was it off?
He phoned his mother. He knew it was early in the morning in Boston but this was an emergency.
She finally answered in a sleepy voice. “Hey, sweetheart.”
“You sleeping?”
“Yeah, it’s like one.”
“Where is Dad?”
“Oh, uncle Frank needed him. He left for Seattle, why?”
“Nobody died.”
“No, what is going on?”
“I don’t know it’s why I’m phoning. I have a voicemail on my phone to call him.”
“Mom, go back to sleep okay. I’ll try him later.”
He put the phone down and listen to his other message. It was Frank, asking him to phone him too when he gets the message.
He dialed Frank’s number.
He picked up after a few rings. “Uncle Frank?”
“Hi my boy, how are you?”
“What is going on? First my dad and now you. What is the emergency?”
“Son, are you sitting down?”
“Just tell me, please.”
“It’s about your lass.”
He froze. “Holly?” he asked.
“Yes, your dad and I were talking tonight and her name came up. My boy, I know her.”
His stomach felt as if it fell to his ball sack.
“Uncle Frank.” He cleared his throat. “How?”
“She didn’t get the abortion, Jake.”
He sat down on the nearest chair. A few eyes were on him. “How do you know this?”
“I am her pediatrician, my boy.”
“What? Why didn’t you phone us?” His mind was going a million reps with each second. It felt as if his whole world was spinning.
“Because I didn’t know. I only found out tonight.”
“No, it’s not what I meant. We phoned all the hospitals when she left uncle Frank, to phone us when someone like her gets admitted. We left her name and surname with every hospital.”
“I’m only the pediatrician, Jake.”
“No, uncle Frank, we phoned Pediatricians and Gynecologists.”
“Nobody phoned me.”
“Don’t say that,” he’s voice started to break as his mind went back to that time. “Someone had to phone you?”
“They didn’t.”
“Wait,” Jake only realized something now. “You said you are her pediatrician, not was.”
Frank stayed silent.
“Uncle Frank!” Jake’s voice broke.
“You have a daughter Jake, she is almost two.”
He started to hyperventilate. He couldn’t be here.
“Your father is on his way. Please let us get to the bottom of this, we will phone you soon.”
“No matter the time, Uncle Frankie. Please, I need to speak to her.”
“I know you do my boy. I know. You will soon, I promise.”
They disconnected the call.
He dialed his mother’s number but stopped. He remembers that day so well.
Bernie fighting with her, telling her that she did something. What if she had.
The way he was feeling inside. He couldn’t put words to it.
He needs to speak to Holly, to find out what the hell happened, but he had no contact details for her.
He was never great at waiting.
He should’ve never stopped looking for her. Images of what she went through two years ago spun through his mind.
She could’ve died, the baby could’ve died. He took out his phone and he typed a message to uncle Frank.
I need a picture, please.
Tears were close by. He should’ve never stopped looking for them.
Sam appeared and called Jake. He had to go, but he will soon sort all of this out.
He got up and pressed his eyes with his forefinger and thumb. It was slightly burning from the tears lingering close by.
How the fuck was he going to clear his head now for learning, taking it all in with the next surgery?
He had no choice.
He had to become the best.
He switched off his phone and followed Sam into their next surgery. His problems will just have to wait.