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Broken and confused, Kathy knew one thing for sure…

She survived the accident…

…but her memories were gone.

How would she piece together who she was?

When she woke up, she couldn’t remember her name. The people said they were her parents and they seemed familiar, but she struggled to recognize them. The woman who said she was her friend was hiding something.

Why didn’t she trust Donna?

Back at her childhood home, surrounded by things that might help her remember, Kathy struggled to unravel the puzzle that had become her life. Her body was healing, but the amnesia remained. The man who came to dinner, Dr. Glover, gave her the sense they had been more than colleagues.

Had they been lovers?

Would returning to work be the answer?

In this new world of hers, where friends and lovers can’t be trusted, Kathy wondered where she could turn and whom she could trust.

You’ll love the next installment of this Steamy Medical Romance series, because her deepest desires are hidden to her, for now, but they won’t stay that way for long.



Madison Gold has been having a sizzling, illicit fling with her stepbrother Dominic while her mom is out of town. But when Julia returns home, everything changes.

Julia has found out about them. And she won’t have that lewdness happening under her roof . . . not if she isn’t getting any.

Julia concocts a scheme to get Dom away from Maddi and lure him to herself. She knows it’s wrong, but once she finds out how right it feels, she doesn’t care.

She has the body and experience to take what she wants—especially if it’s huge, hard, and juicy . . .

(Contains books four, five, and six in the hot, over-the-top “Step Stories” series: Naughty Stepmother Plays Her Hand, Naughty Stepmother Can’t Get Enough, and Naughty Stepmother from Both Ends. Warning: Contains cheating, explicit scenes, and strong language.)




What could go wrong when the good girl gets stuck with the bad boy? After all, it’s just chemistry…

This limited edition collection takes readers on a whirlwind through new adult college romances where the good girl is stuck with the bad boy and she’s not happy about it, until their chemistry together makes her question everything she thought she knew about him.

This collection will include the following stories by the authors listed below:

Kings of Study Hall – Mandy Melanson, USA Today Bestselling Author
Journey to Cheshire Bay – H.M. Shander, USA Today Bestselling Author
The Science Club – C.A. King, USA Today Bestselling Author
Study Games – USA Today Bestselling Author, Sofia Aves and Dove Priest
Guarded – Lizzi Stone
What I Love about You – Kari Shuey
Making the Grade: a Woodbridge Park story – Kira Cunningham
Heartbreaker – Amy Stephens
Playing for Her – Sienna Grant
A Play called Pretend – USA Today Bestselling Author, Ainsley Jaymes
Truth or Dare – Corinne M Knight
Imperfect Chemistry – Lynn Stevens
The Good Girl Con – USA Today Bestselling Author, Sunny Abernathy
Ropin’ Her In – TB Mann
Right Now – USA Today Bestselling Author, Rachel A. Smith
TBD – USA Today Bestselling Author, Krista Ames
Love on Campus Radio – Danielle Jacks
Tempting – Zepphora
Bad Chemistry – USA Today Bestselling Author, Maci Dillon
TBD – Lissa Lynn Thomas
Campus Legend – Jennifer Sucevic
Collision Course – LJC Fynn & Hope Sherrill, International Bestselling Authors
TBD – Leanne Davis
Rescuing Griffin – Kaye Kennedy
TBD – Lexi Noir
Loft Mechanics – Rhylie Matthews and Eliza Matthews
How to Catch the Bad Guy – USA Today Bestselling Author, Helena Novak
In Session – Kay Blake, Award Winning Author
Reckless Legend – Zoey Drake
TBD – Lorelei Reese
Clueless in Calabases – Jade Bay
Bully Crush – Michele Mannon
Blinded Me with Science – Tara September, multi-award-winning author
TBD – A.L. Morrow
TBD – A.D. Brazeau
TBD – Amanda Shelley
TBD – Karen Stivali
TBD – CL Collier
TBD – Leann Castellanos



He’s her worst enemy – but she can’t walk away.

Quinn: Harry Roman is a scumbag, and I put just as much energy into hating him as he does into hating me. I don’t care how hot he is, I’ll never fall for his charm. But now I’m forced to live with him, and I’m not sure how long it will be before we’re at each other’s throats…

Harry: I’ve bedded a lot of women, but I’ve never met any who were like Quinn. She drives me crazy – but as much as I can’t stand her attitude, I’d still like to get my hands on her. And after my late brother’s last request lands me playing dad to his two kids, I have no choice but to go crawling to Quinn for help…

She thinks he’s a lying rake. He thinks she’s a judgmental brat. When a tragedy brings together two sworn enemies, Harry and Quinn are forced to pretend to get along. Harry doesn’t know the first thing about being a dad, and Quinn can’t stand letting her cousin’s kids become Harry’s responsibility. But neither of them could possibly have foreseen how far things are about to spiral out of control…

Can this notorious billionaire playboy and his arch-nemesis see through their differences? And will their mutual contempt spill into something far more steamy and passionate than either of them could have imagined?

Perfect for fans of exhilarating billionaire love affairs, this steamy enemies-turned-lovers romance is a wild ride that juggles family drama with wit, banter, a fake relationship, and a cocky-hilarious billionaire playboy.





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