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Roxanne just wanted to be promoted to the… …Marketing Director of Bound to Please… …and to be treated like a Princess.

When Chase Masters swooped in, took her to heaven in five minutes the night before her promotion, stole her job as Marketing Director the next day, and proved to know nothing about marketing, he became her instant enemy. She did everything she could to discredit him, drive him crazy, and literally make his life miserable.

The fact that she had to work with him to plan for a major convention that the company’s very existence depended on, didn’t matter. She could handle everything better without him.

When that didn’t work, she was left with only one alternative… …catfish him and drive him crazy with lust… …with pictures of her beautiful model roommate Tori. What could possibly go wrong? Maybe the fact that even though she hated him, she couldn’t stop thinking about him.

The fact that he took her to heaven, not once but twice, didn’t help. He was charming, hot, confident, and the bane of her existence. As her fake persona Ruby, lured him further and further into her catfishing rabbit hole, would she be able to continue to resist him.

If you love: Chance Encounters Surprise Boss Enemies to Lovers Catfishing relationships Forced Proximity Light Bondage and Spanking You’ll love this dark, suspenseful, romance because of it’s colorful characters, hot steamy scenes, and HEA ending.

Get it now.

This book is part of the Illusive Lover’s Series, 10 books exploring love and catfishing. This teaser includes the first three chapters of this novel length story.



Nate: Sydney Elliot is off-limits. I’ve known that for years. Then why can’t I take my eyes off her? I thought I put my forbidden attraction for her in the past, but when she turns up on my doorstep looking for a job, I’m faced with a horrifying realization – I’m in love with my best friend’s little sister.

Sydney: Ever since Nate broke my heart all those years ago, I’ve kept my distance… but I can’t avoid him forever. My crush has blossomed into full-blown lust – and this time, I want him more than ever, even if it means getting involved in a secret relationship that could throw both our lives into chaos.

When Sydney is forced to rebuild her life after a disastrous breakup, she finds herself roped into working in the sunny city of Miami alongside her brother’s wealthy best friend. There’s only one big problem: she’s had a not-so-secret crush on him for as long as she can remember. If her brother finds out, he’ll go ballistic – and even though they’re playing with fire, her feelings for Nate are getting stronger by the day.

Nate walked away from her once. Can he find the strength to refuse her again? Or will their feelings be too strong for them to resist?

Discover a gripping and steamy billionaire romance that’s bursting with spicy scenes and forbidden love. Combining all the exotic thrills of a Miami backdrop with a charismatic bad boy and the curvy woman he craves, The Billionaire Doctor box set is a wild adventure that is bound to keep you guessing.



Losing everything has a way of messing with a girl’s head, forcing her to seek comfort in the arms of a man she doesn’t really want. I know this. In a fit of devastation, I hand my virginity off to another and then marry him, leaving the burning love of my life in ashes. But the thing about fire is that even among the ashes, ember burns, and all it takes is the perfect kindling to reignite a blazing inferno.






Shari Sinclair, a cocktail waitress at a popular casino, was a tough woman who didn’t take shit from anyone, and she’s always been this way.

The only person who really meant anything to her in this world was her mother, who was fighting against breast cancer. Both of them were struggling with bills and debt, and Shari was struggling to figure out a way to fix both of their problems.

Enter Wayne Zelinski, a high roller who took an interest in Shari. After a lucky bet that won him $35,000, the two of them hooked up in the bathroom, and his avid interest in her grew.

Two weeks later she walked out of the casino with him, hand in hand.

Life with Wayne was fun and exciting, but she knew he was hiding something. He referred to himself as a businessman, but refused to specify what kind of business, and from what she’s seen, things seemed sketchy. A night out with Wayne confirmed her fears and put things for her in a new perspective.




Contemporary sports romance author Britney Bell brings you a fun, light-hearted, short story with a smokin’ hot Texas Tornados football player.


No matter how many years I play professional football with the Texas Tornados, the city life doesn’t change my heart. I will always be that Texas guy who’s learned the value of getting my hands dirty with hard work on the farm, and I’m finally able to bring a piece of the farm to the city. Some people may look at this old truck as a piece of junk, but for me, it’s the memories that are embedded in each dent, scratch and chip to its paint.


It’s a good thing that the family business is my passion. The hours I put in at work do not allow for much of a social life. With the responsibility of the business currently being solely on my shoulders, there’s no room to even think about dating.

See what happens with two busy people, one old truck and a highway of endless possibilities.



Ignore powerful dukes who sabotage your plans.

Welcome to book 1 in the debut series The Secret Crusaders from the talented Melanie Rose Clarke!

Priscilla Livingston has dedicated her life to social causes, fighting to right the cruel injustices the world ignores. Under the guise of a lord, she sends messages to Edmund Hawkins, the powerful Duke of Bradenton. He doesn’t know his informant is a lady, even as he investigates to uncover her identity. When her father demands she find a husband, she cannot choose Edmund, who would demand total surrender.

But when he catches her spying, she may not have a choice.

Edmund is intrigued by the beautiful lady caught snooping through a dangerous lord’s home. Lady Priscilla may act the perfect duke’s daughter, but fiery mystery burns beneath the flawless façade. He sees the passion she cannot hide, the spirited woman who would make the perfect duchess. He will discover her every secret.

Then he will make her his.

Read FREE in Kindle Unlimited!

The Secret Crusaders
Escaping the Duke
Captured by the Earl
The Untamed Duke






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