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Mid-August Book Promotions

It had been the worst time of her life . . .

. . . but at least now the stalker was behind bars.
Would she be able to find love again?

Dr. Rhiannon Terrebonne’s new life in the cozy coastal town of Waterbury, Oregon, was exactly what she had wanted. The new hospital was perfect, and she’d even met the town’s most eligible bachelor, Peyton, a tech billionaire with a plan to save the world.

The first date sizzled . . .
. . . and the chemistry was undeniable.

She couldn’t get him off her mind—until the unthinkable happened. A huge explosion off the coast at an oil rig had victims pouring into the hospital.

Had the disaster at the oil rig been an accident?

While working through the casualties, a news broadcast stopped Rhiannon in her tracks. She had only gotten a glimpse, but as she watched the chaos, a face in the crowd turned her blood cold. She tried to phone Peyton, but he didn’t answer.

Terror set in.

Had her tormentor, Kyle Banner, been released from prison?

Could he have found her?

You’ll love this medical romance thriller, because it has all the steam you need—and twists you won’t expect!



Compilation of erotic stories: erotic stories for women – Dirty Sex – Erotic Anthology – Sexy Short Stories for Adults

“This was an amazing book and one of the best reads of the year!” ~ Milton Dolton, author of erotic stories

“All the stories are tremendously heated and hot, 100% recommended book!” ~Marlos Bax,
Debut Bestselling Author erotic genre

“There are so many high-steam stories that I will definitely spend all summer (sneaking) reading!” ~Ash Gardner author erotic genre

Do you have certain fantasies about dirty sex in many different situations and encounters? Are you looking for new inspiration for your next vacation, the next Tinder date or a special massage?

Then these erotic stories are perfect for you. Here you get a dirty sexual adventure of lust and passion in one hundred and fifty tabo free short stories. Immerse yourself in a world full of eroticism and tingling experiences.

Have fun with these erotic romance novels!




A punchy, enemies-to-lovers office romance in this exciting new series Working with the Bosshole: The CEO & The Intern.

A little coffee spill turned into a full-fledged office war.

My best friend got flustered bumping into a guy at work on our first day. He is absolutely smoking hot!

But the truth is, he’s lacking in the manners department, and I’ve never been one to back down when being spoken to rudely.

The perfect opportunity to get my foot in the door has presented itself but the internship comes with a caveat I’m not prepared to handle.

My shot in achieving my dreams is at stake now after meeting the billionaire heir and soon-to-be CEO. Our accidental encounter resulted only in angst and drama.

He may have chiseled good looks but my education and career is at risk and he’s the one to blame. On top of it, I’ve got my own family crises to worry about.

Will I pay the price for my pride – or will I become the next victim of his charming, good looks? This arrogant prick thinks he’s God’s gift to women.

As our opposite worlds clash, the floodgates open to his unraveling buried family secrets.

The problem with secrets? They don’t always stay a secret…




Lovable rogue Cal was my best friend, soul mate, housemate and lover… Until he shattered my dreams.

Years after Cal left me, my husband picked up the pieces – the first man to show interest and make me feel worthy of love again. Two children later and life has taken its toll; a monotonous routine and stale marriage. But when a new career opportunity presents itself—an exciting job at a leading marketing company—nothing can dull my sparkle.

Until he walks into the office; the one who loved and left. Irresistible, carefree Callum, who stirs something deep within me. Feelings I thought I had laid to rest. Being plus size in every sense of the word, I struggle with temptation as I try to lose weight. I don’t need another craving to contend with.

I’m devoted to my family, but my desire for this impossible man has been reawakened. I’m not willing to risk my heart again for a man that left it in pieces. But when true love and loyalty collide, Cal might be one temptation too far.




Four of dad’s hottest military friends turned billionaires + one fortune 500 job opening + one ivy league grad = One

lucky girl! Whoever said three was a crowd never met my dad’s four gorgeous best friends.

Dad lost his office manager and needs a replacement pronto.

I just graduated Brown and need to do something with my life.

No idea that something would be kissing four of daddy’s friends.

How’d I know I’d be working with four of the most eligible bachelors on the planet?

And now they all want to teach me more than just how to do my job.

Four swoon-worthy damaged, military alphas that will do anything to protect their best friend’s daughter.


*** An Amazon #1 Best Seller- New Series ***

Every fire starts with a spark…

Grace: My job is gone, my boyfriend dumped me, and my apartment is up in flames – with me inside it. But maybe life owes me a break… because when my saviour arrives in the form of a mysterious hunk of a fireman, something begins to simmer deep inside of me. I think I’m in love, and I’ve never even seen his face.

Rowan: When I rescue Grace from that fire, it isn’t just the adrenaline that’s making my heart go wild. Grace can laugh in the face of death, and she makes me smile like nobody else can. I’m used to dancing with danger, but this is getting all-too-real…

She’s a young student who just lost everything. He’s a mysterious firefighter hiding a big secret. Having earned a reputation as closed-off and controlling, Rowan is happy to stick to himself and keep his heart firmly locked up. But when he saves a charming and witty young woman, it ignites his heart in ways he never imagined. 

Grace is too innocent for his hardened, domineering personality – and she’s over a decade younger. Rowan knows that any relationship is bound to end in heartbreak anyways. But the longer he spends time with her, the more he finds that keeping his hands to himself is impossible…

Will the spark between them grow into a passionate and fiery love affair? Or is their unlikely love doomed to burn out?

Dive into an inferno of heart-pounding action and a sizzling hot setup with the first book in Amazon #1 bestselling author Hope Paris’ simmering Burning For The Billionaire series. With a domineering alpha, an alluring storyline, and a billionaire firefighter you’re bound to fall for, you won’t want to miss this first installment.



Smart, erotic fiction, R.B. O’Brien brings you her most popular erotic romances full of twists, angst, and emotional push and pull, and houses them under one roof in the collection: érotique.

érotique is for avid dark romance readers who like their heat level high without lowering their expectations for solid plots and poetic writing. Each story features intensely wild and emotionally unavailable men who meet the one woman who just might be able to tame them, maybe even save them from themselves and their own self destruction. It is filled with beautifully forbidden fairytales, juxtaposed with the stark realism of human imperfection, where light and dark meet to achieve the final climax of happily ever after. And it won’t be easy to get there. Nothing worthwhile is.

Dark and, at times, taboo, the collection contains alpha males who think they are too damaged for love, often behaving deliciously dastardly because of it, but who, slowly, learn that love does really possess the capability to conquer all. The brooding, mercurial leading men who like their control come to realize: It is the women, even as they love to submit, who truly wield the power in the dynamic.

érotique is a collection of fiction for those who want the freedom to safely explore the darker sides of their sexuality without feeling guilty about it. It is a celebration of acceptance for the many shades of dark and light and needs and desires within us all. And sometimes, we must suffocate first to breath; hurt before we know happiness; and struggle to be free.

Embrace the érotique in you. Jouir!

***Featured in this discounted boxed set collection are the previously published books still available separately through Amazon: Imogen: A Dark Romantic Thriller; Thorne: Rose’s Dark Contract (Book 1); Edge of Torment: A BDSM Love Story; and Reindeer Games.



Ariel refuses to admit that she had sex with him and said it was a “lapse of judgment.” But she begins to wonder if she really means that.

When the boss asks her to work on more projects with Quin, at first she refuses, but then the boss says it’s either work with him or termination. Ariel has come too far, and she realizes she can’t lose this. So she works with him.

At first, it’s bickering and fighting, but then Quinn calls her out, saying that she cares far too much about him and what he does to get this upset. He admits that while he doesn’t like her either, he’s not going to sit there and continue to slander. Ariel decides that fine, she will try to be civil.

They finish rerouting some services for the company, and Quinn asks her for coffee. She begrudgingly agrees, and soon, both of them go out. They have sex again, and while Ariel acknowledges it, she still doesn’t feel this kind of connection with him. But then at the end of the book, Quinn gets a call, finding out his brother was arrested.



Jean is a headstrong nineteen-year-old girl that knows what she wants, and that is to marry Joe the Blacksmith, he keeps saying he is too old for her that he is old enough to be her father. But his age doesn’t worry Jean especially after she had wormed her way into his bed and found out what a good lover he was. Jean finds loads of other men to satisfy her lust as she tells Joe about them just to tease him.

Joe had promised Jean’s father he would bring Jean up as best as he could when he and his wife were handed Jean to them as a baby. Joe’s wife died and Joe struggled to bring Jean up on his own as a travelling blacksmith going from village to village in a caravan, he tried not to fall in love with Jean but he failed all too easily. Joe has a big secret to tell Jean, and he was sure she would hate him when she finds out, and the king would have him hanged for his relationship with Jean.

Tale of the Abducted Princess is an Adult Romance set in England in the 1060s when there was a lot of unrest in England. Jean has been brought up more like a boy as Joe taught her to hunt with the bow and arrow, he taught her so well that she became a huntress. Follow Jean as she hops in and out of bed with the king’s soldiers and discovers a plot to kill a member of the royal family. Will, she catch the two assassins in time and will she forgive Joe.



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