It was early, Saturday morning when Holly and Tracy watched reruns of their favorite reality show, Sunset Island.
The boys and girls stranded on the island were bitchy, pricky, and assholes, but so yummy.
It was as if all were forgiving and couples hooking up at night, thinking that the public wouldn’t see what bumped in the dark.
“Yes, I knew it.” Tracy had her arms in the air, and Holly laughed as one of their favorite girls that they love to hate sneaked into the bad boys’ bed, Travis.
“She is so fucking easy.” Tracy chuckled.
“That is Horny Island for you,” Holly added her two-cent comment using the word she claimed for Sunset Island.
A few minutes later, the microphones blared up with sloshing.
Holly grunted, but Tracy just laughed.
“It’s disgusting,” Holly said.
“She is going to win this season.”
“We can always google who won?” Holly suggested.
“And take our fun away, hell no.”
It was over in barely a few minutes. Holly would die if she was Merica. The girl was beautiful, but she seriously had no self-respect for her whatsoever. To go back time and time again to Travis, and the next day he would just flaunt his feathers to his ex was seriously pricky.
“Some girls will never learn,” Holly spoke softly.
Jamie was playing with her toys on the floor.
“Why don’t we enter?” Tracy asked, and Holly’s head snapped to her.
“To go there?” she pointed at the screen, horror on her face as Tracy laughed. “Are you mad?”
“No, think about it, Holls? It’s 100k, you just need to play the game.”
“I’ll lose like 90% of my IQ stepping on that island.”
Tracy cracked herself again.
“Think about it, Babe. C’mon, the guys wouldn’t know what to do with themselves when we stepped onto that Island.”
“No, I’m not that type of beautiful.” Holly smiled and then give her nervous chuckle.
Tracy gasped. “Are you fucking kidding me now? You are gorgeous Holly, and if you don’t believe me, just asked Ricci, Eddie, Stephan, what was whatshisface’s name.” Tracy looked at nothing.
“That’s it, Matt. The guys were all smoking hot and still wouldn’t think twice for a second date, Babes. I still don’t know how you could let Eddie getaway?”
“He wasn’t my type.”
“Ricci was also smoking hot. A bit of a caveman but hot.”
Holly laughed. Tracy would understand once she saw Jamie’s father why she was so difficult.
“You are beautiful, my friend, the worst kind of beautiful. You don’t need makeup, Holls.”
“I don’t have piercing blue eyes or eat your heart out breasts.”
“You don’t need any of that, cause you have an amazing personality. You are funny as hell, you have a great fucking ass, not to talk about your legs, your body is just fucking feminine and this face.” Tracy grabbed Holly’s chin.
“Stop it. Mahalla for the ego boost, but no. Ditsy Island is so not for me?”
“Why not. Give me one good reason?”
“Look at that? There are 45million reasons why not?”
Tracy laughed again as she got what Holly was saying, all the watchers.
“You are afraid he is going to find you?” Tracy said.
“No, he didn’t want us. But yes, he would find out about Jamie, and then a huge fucking law suite would wait when I exit that house.”
Tracy laughed again. “You scared he is going to show up on that Island.”
It was Holly’s turn to laugh. “He won’t. He would die before stepping foot on an island like that.”
“Yes, I don’t even think he knows a show like that even existed. It’s disgusting, Tracy.”
“And yet we can’t watch enough, Holls.”
Holly had no comeback.
“It’s a hundred thousand fucking dollars. You can easily pay off your father, pay for this year’s intuition, and just be with your baby. Fuck him. You deal with it when you get back. He didn’t want you, and no judge is going to believe a change of heart after he heard how it went off. I mean, the guy got his mom to do it and told you over the phone how fucked up is that? The public would hate him.”
“You are serious about this?”
“Hell yeah. You are a fucking clever girl. It’s an island, Babe. You need a break, and maybe you would even get him out of your system.”
“No,” Holly yelled playfully at her again.
“No, you don’t want to get over him?”
Holly laughed. “No, I don’t want to be seen alive on that island.”
Tracy laughed.
“Well, if you are not going to do it, then I will.” Tracy got up and went to the computer.
“You serious?” Holly couldn’t believe this crazy idea that Tracy had.
The door opened, and Jane entered, back from her shopping trip.
She put the groceries on the counter.
“Jane, your daughter, is a party pooper,” Tracy said.
“No, I’m not. You are making a mistake, Tracy.”
“No, I’m not. Fuck, I’m going to spice up that Island.”
Holly laughed.
“Island? We go to an Island.” Jane asked, and Holly could just imagine her mother on an island like that. She laughed.
“What is going on here?” Jane asked.
“Tracy wants us to join Sunset Island’s new season.”
Jane looked at the TV, the episode paused.
“It’s 100 thousand dollars. You bet your butt I’m going to that Island. Maybe I can snatch myself a cutie too.”
“Their relationships never last outside that villa, Tracy.”
“Says who. I manage to now about a couple of them who made it. So there.”
She was busy typing away.
“Wait, is that the one where they bring in the exes?” Jane asked.
“Yes, can you imagine?” Holly asked Jane.
She just laughed as she looked at Holly.
“She is insane, mom. And she wanted me to do it with her.”
“I agree, Holly. An Island might just do you good.”
“Thank you, Jane.”
“Woman, you do not know this show. Watch an episode or two with us, and you would change your mind.”
“I’ve watched Sunset Island before, Holls. It’s only bad if you act like a floozy. You are not one. I bet you will be rated as the most difficult girl on that island.”
“To get into bed, Holly.”
She didn’t like this one bit. Having her mother teaming up with Tracy was so not what she thought would happen. She always believed that those girls, telling their family that was where they were going to that sort of island, almost gave them a heart attack and not waving pom-poms to do it.
“I would if I was your age?” Jane said.
“You wouldn’t?”
“You go, Jane,” Tracy yelled playfully from behind the computer.
“Why not. It’s a beautiful island, beach, sun every day. Good looking boys that want a bit of fun. Maybe you would finally get Jake out of your system.”
Tracy gasped.
“Jake, is that his name?”
“Shush, I mean it.” Holly scolded Tracy.
“Unless you are afraid that he would show up on that island,” Jane said.
Holly laughed again. “Jake? That Island is so beneath him.” And her mother was egging her on to go.
“You only live once. I told you so many times to fuck him, Holly.”
“I would like to know what you would say if a lawsuit is going to wait for us once I get out of that Villa?”
“Yes,” Tracy lifted up her hand.
“I didn’t say yes.” Holly laughed.
“You are thinking about it. And if you are weighing your options, we are so going after I’m through to you.”
Holly grunted, which made Jane laughed.
“It looks like fun. You need fun.” Jane said.
“And what if there is someone I fancy, and I jump into bed with him. You going to love it.” She looked at her mother.
“You are my daughter. I would never stop loving you or not be proud. Everybody needs to release Holly. It’s human.”
“Mom, they have no morals.”
“Oh, bullshit. There are plenty of nice guys on that Island. Seriously Holly, who are you afraid of joining?” Tracy asked.
She pulled her hands through her hair.
“Ricci, Eddie,” she said, and Tracy laughed.
“I knew you like them, why didn’t you go on a second date?” Tracy asked.
“It was hopeless, Tracy. I left that date and nothing. I felt nothing.”
“Well, this is an island. You can’t run away this time, Holls. The feeling might just grow.”
Holly sighed, and she playfully cried, falling on the couch and covering her eyes.
“Two forms it is.”
“I don’t’ even have a social media account, Tracy? They want that.”
“It’s not a disqualify if you don’t have them. They just want pictures, that’s all. And I got plenty of those. I’ll do a little video of you too.”
She looked at her mother, who just laughed.
“What, I think it would be good for you. An experience of a lifetime.”
“Everyone is watching. It’s the one thing that everyone in that Villa forgets like this,” she snapped her finger.
“You won’t.”
Holly laughed again.
She took a deep breath, her hand still stuck in her hair. Her heart was racing. Jake would discover that she kept the babies. He would know she didn’t get the abortion he wanted, and she had no idea what she was going to do.
But then again he didn’t want them. He wouldn’t come to that island. He was way too decent for that island. Fuck him, Holly. Fuck. It always boiled down to what that prick would think. He was an asshole, and he was still regulating her every decision.
Maybe this was it. Holly’s chance to finally get him out of her system. To join Sunset Island and just move the fuck on with her life.
“Fuck it,” she got up. “Let’s do this.”
Tracy yelled again as Jane did her wiggly hip dance jumping around.
Why couldn’t she have her mother’s length?
“I’m going to make an ass of myself as I’m nowhere near that pretty, but hey. It’s just an application.”
Jane threw her with one of the couch’s pillows, and Tracy was looking for something but found nothing around her.
“You’ll see, those boys are not going to know what hit them.”

Tracy compiled a video for Holly’s missing social media accounts and sent like a crapload of photos where she and Holly were just silly at the time.
Most of them were taken at parties that Holly went to.
Rod still couldn’t believe that both of them signed up for Ditsy Island as he called it.
“Maybe this show will become a bit posher now,” Rod said one night.
“They won’t choose me. I’m sure I would’ve gotten an email or a call if they did.”
“Then they are fucking stupid, Holly. If I weren’t gay, you know I would’ve tapped your ass.”
“Rod,” Holly laughed.
“Urgh,” he said. “I can’t even speak boy.”
They both laughed.
“That was so disgusting,” Rod apologized for his remark.
Holly couldn’t stop laughing.
If Rod wasn’t gay, she would’ve probably grabbed him too, a long time ago. He reminded her a lot about a guy she used to love with her heart, mind, and soul. Prick.
“You are not afraid that Jamie’s father would see?”
“Fuck him. He is regulating all of my decisions. It’s not a way to live, to be honest.”
“Told you that too.”
“Yeah, it just took a long time to let that one sunk in.”
“Come here, babe,” he teased with Island lingo.
“That show is so disgusting.”
“It’s not, Holly. If it was, you wouldn’t have watched it with Tracy.”
She laughed.
“What if he shows up on that show?”
“He won’t.”
“But let’s just say, what if.”
“I’ll drown myself.”
Rod laughed.
“C’mon, he can’t be that good looking.”
Holly raised her eyes and just stared at him until he laughed.
“You’ve seen Jamie, Rod. Her eyes, her hair, her golden skin. She is the mini version of her dad. He is a solid fucking ten, if I could go higher, I would.”
“He’s seriously that good looking?”
“Yeah,” she sighed. “But I know, he won’t go to that Island. He is the last ex that I would ever expect to come to that Island. Besides, I still needed that call, and the longer they take, the easier it gets knowing I won’t have to lose like 90% of my IQ.”
Rod chuckled. “They are not stupid, Holly. Some of those contestants are in qualified positions. You need to be smart to be in those. They just forget about the 300 microphones and don’t know how many cameras hidden in that Villa.
Holly laughed.
“They would be stupid not to take you. You are stunning, my friend, and it’s not stunning that you can create with makeup and shit. Whoever wakes up in the morning next to you would wake up with a smile.”
“You are so sweet.”
She lay back down in his arm. She loved to cuddle, but she had to admit that she was sad that she didn’t get the phone call or that email. Another part of her felt that she did lose out on an incredible journey. She found herself time and time again daydreaming about the island, what she would’ve done. Maybe she could’ve got Jake out of her system.
Her phone rang in the living room.
Rod laughed.
“Oh, please, it’s probably just my dad telling me he put Jamie down.”
She could hear her mother picking up the phone, and she climbed out of bed.
The door opened, and her mother’s eyes were huge, her smile even bigger.
Holly’s heart raced instantly as Rod started to laugh and took the phone.
“Holly, speaking.”
“Hi, Holly, it’s Connie from Sunset Island.”
Holly closed her eyes and covered her face.
“You are shitting me.”
Connie laughed. “Nope, the Island is begging for someone like you, babe.”
She hated being called a pig.
“You ready to pack your bags and join us.”
“You know what. Let’s do this.”
“Yeah,” Rod cheered.
“Who is that?”
“Just my silly gay friend.”
“Good to hear. So we will send you all the details over on email, the questionnaire you need to answer, and a few things we always send to guide you on what the contestants needed to pack. Information on the Island itself and where it is going to be, and then we just have to wait for the day you are going to leave.”
“Yay,” she sounded a bit ditsy, and Rod’s shoulders shook. She knew she was going to have to pretend like crazy in the beginning, eliciting happiness.
“Can’t wait to meet you. Speak soon.”
“Speak to you soon.”
She put the phone down.
“You going to Sunset Island?”
“Fuck,” she spoke softly, seriously feeling regretting it now as Rod jumped up from the bed and gave her a tight hug.
The speculations weren’t speculations any more.
Jake was going to know that she didn’t get this abortion and that he has a little girl.
She sighed as Rod and her mother just cheered and laughed.
Fuck him. He was a fucking jerk. This was her chance to take back her life.