Meant to be: Chapter Two

It took her about three days to fill in the questionnaire.
Connie even phoned her to find out if she received it and filled it in.
The section she dreaded the most was to list her exes, and she was contemplating a lot whether she was going to fill in Jake’s name or not.
But she decided not to. If Jake showed up on that island, she wouldn’t be able to handle all the girls grafting to get his attention.
She listed a lot of her one night stands. Well, the guys she only went on dates ones. Not that she thought that they would end up on those shows, but if they did, well, at least they would have fun.
She did list Brandon and Phil too in the section that said married. They were both Married, or that was what their social media listed when she still had hers.
The rest of the questions were easy, and then it was just fine print that she carefully read through.
No violence that was mostly their only taboo. You get sent off like immediately when you slap or hit someone.
That made sense. The rest, well, was a walk in the park.
She had to go for a full examination to ensure that she has no std’s or any other illnesses that she could transfer.
It sounded so disgusting, but she was glad that it was needed from all of the contestants.
The day before she was set to leave for Fiji, Rod came and handed her a bag.
“What is this?”
“My present to you?”
“Oh, what did you do?” She said, and opened the bag.
Inside was at least seven brand new bikinis.
Tracy clapped her hands.
“I’m still highly pissed off with you. You were supposed to come with me.”
“It’s not my fault; they didn’t choose me.”
“Just my fucking luck.” She scolded Tracy and smiled at Rod.
“Thank you,” she wrapped her arms around his neck and gave him a kiss on his cheek.
“You are going to make them crazy,” Rod said, and Holly laughed.
“You know it.”
She took out the bikinis. Her favorite was the blue one.
It covered most of her butt.
“I can’t wear this?” She showed Rod a bikini bottom, which was nine inches away from a thong.”
“Why not?”
“My parents are watching this show?”
“So, you have the body, Holls.”
“I would wear it,” Tracy said.
“You would show everyone your boobs if you can.” Holly teased.
“I would. They are my best feature.”
“That they are,” Holly complimented Tracy as she looked at her other bikinis. They were stunning.
“Thank you, Rod, your taste is the best.”
“I know.” He teased back.
They helped her pack. She was dreading Jake finding out about Jamie more and more each day. Her heart was continually rising, just thinking about it.
“Hey, you didn’t list him,” Tracy said.
“That obvious,” Holly asked.
“Yip, your face does this funny thing when you think about it.”
Holly chuckled. “Sorry.”
Tracy sighed. “This guy seriously messed you up, didn’t he.”
“Yeah, and it feels as if I keep on getting punished for it every day as I live with a mini version of him.”
Tracy just stared at her.
“But I love that girl with all of my beings. And fuck everyone who is going to think she is baggage.”
“You are so on.”
“Fuck, guys. It’s six weeks away from her.”
“Hey,” Rod said. “We’ve been over this. You are not a bad mom. She is going to have a ball too, Holly.”
“I’m sure a judge won’t agree with you on that.”
“Oh, fuck him. I’ll testify to what a fucking prick he is, even if I don’t know the guy. He won’t get away with this Holly. My dad is one of the best layers out there. Just hold your chin up, keep your panty on as long as you can…”
Holly and Tracy laughed as Rod said it. He chuckled too.
“And have fun. Go with an open mind, Holly. Go find the guy of your dreams.”
“Thanks, Rod.” She sighed again. The only problem with that, the guy of her dreams was no other than the father of her baby.
They had drinks that night too, and around ten, it was all over.
She couldn’t believe that she was going to Fiji to an Island for six whole weeks. Would she find someone that she would make a lifetime connection with, boy or girl, she didn’t care. She just hoped that she was going to have fun and not have her confidence, the little bit that she had left after Jake chucked her away, shot down too.
Nope, she was going going to enjoy it. She would do what Rod said, it was a 100k, and she just needed to win it.

The next day everyone came to the airport with her—even Frank.
“I’m going to try my best not to make a fool of myself.” She hugged her mother.
“You can’t, Holly. I raised a clever daughter.”
She giggled.
Frank just smiled at her. “Don’t watch the show, please. You are so above that.”
Frank laughed.
She kissed Jamie, who was sitting on her hip and felt like a horrible mother again for leaving her for six whole weeks.
Then it was Tracy and Rod.
She was still upset that she was boarding that plane alone.
“Go have fun, babes.”
“I’m going to miss you.”
“Oh, me too. But I’ll root for you.”
“I might come home in four days.”
“Not you.” Tracy smiled. “You will see. This Island is going to do wonders for your confidence.”
Rod was last. “Keep your panties on.” He whispered in her ear.
“Oh, you bet I will.” She couldn’t get the sloshing and slapping sounds out of her head whenever couples in the Villa had sex.
She did not want to be associated with that.
She had to check-in and hated that her plane didn’t leave for another two hours.
She read a book until it was time to board.
She had to admit, the show was seriously going out of their way as they got her a business class ticket.
It was champaign and movies all the way to Fiji. She was working on her intro.
She always felt they were the most cliche of the show, trying to upsell yourself as if you were a product. It was so not her.
And didn’t matter what she was thinking; it all sounded wrong.
She guessed that when the time comes, she just hoped that it wouldn’t sound so bad.

When she landed, someone from Sunset Island waited for her. He was in his forties at least.
“That would be me?” She didn’t sound excited at all, and he thought her body language was hilarious.
She reached out for his hand and shook it.
“It’s normal to feel like this is the biggest mistake of your life, but I promise you that you will get so many guidance points from us that you would feel like a million dollars when you walked into that. Villa.”
“Oh, I’m going to hold you onto that.”
He chuckled. “The car is this way.”
“So all the girls feel like this.”
“No, just the really decent ones that feel they are giving up half of their IQ.”
Holly burst out laughing and covered her mouth.
“Name is Fred. I’m one of the handlers that are going to give you pointers. If I wasn’t gay, you would’ve definitely been my top choice.”
“Oh, get away from me. You tell all the girls that.”
He chuckled again. “Okay, I really need to up my game with you.”
She shook her head as he led her to the limo, waiting.
“You people seriously go out of your way with this.”
“It’s Sunset Island. The most-watched Reality Show up to date.”
Her face fell. “You kidding me. How many viewers.”
“Season 5 had the most views.”
“It’s the one with Merica, right.”
“Yes. The viewers just couldn’t stop watching. Our most viewers are at night.”
“You mean the twenty-four-hour lifestream.”
“Yes. So be careful.”
She laughed. “I’m not like that.”
“Oh, half of them say that.”
She laughed, just imagining all the others who only wanted to join the show to have a good time.
She climbed into the car.
“So, how many viewers.”
“The live stream, easily a million a day.”
“Oh, you are going to be famous, no matter how long you are going to be on that Island.”
“A million.”
“Life shows, easily up to ten.”
“You kidding me. That many.”
“Yeah, you didn’t google this.”
She gave her a nervous chuckle. “You know how this actually happened?”
The limo was already moving.
“Oh shit, my luggage.”
“Relax, we are on it.”
“Get out. Seriously.”
“We do everything, you don’t have to worry about a thing. Have some champaign and tell me how it actually happened.”
He pushed a flute into her hand.
“My best friend’s idea of us both to come on here, but she didn’t get chosen. I told her she was raving mad. Just my luck.”
He laughed the throw your head back kind of laugh.
“That never happened before.”
“No, sorry. We had similar. Like friends signing up, but not where a contestant actually said it’s a raving mad idea, so I’m really looking forward to what you are going to do on that island.”
“I have no idea.”
“You have a great sense of humor, and let me tell you that it is usually the one that is getting you the furthest in the show.”
“Nobody wants a girl that is an air-head, right.”
Jake used to say that.
“I guess.”
“Okay, so lay it on me. Who are you the most afraid to join this island.”
“Jamie’s dad, but I know he won’t. His too posh for this.”
“You think?”
“Oh, I know.”
“Okay, and the least.”
“Anyone else.”
He laughed again. “Oh, I’m sure that you broke a few hearts.”
“No, I’m not like that. I don’t waste guys’ time. If I don’t feel something on the first date, then it’s a no go for me.”
“So what is your type. What are you looking for.”
“Everybody’s type.” She giggled.
“No,” he yelled playfully.
“Let me guess, dark hair, tall, buff, handsome.”
“Yes.” She said.
“You know how difficult it is to get those.”
“I can imagine. Do you guys have those this season.”
“We have two, one has a really nice face, his personality is over the top, and I mean he’s like the ball of the party. I don’t think he would be a great match for you, but there is Bill. I’m still trying to figure him out, but he seems overall a nice guy.”
“Oooh, the mysterious kind.”
“You like mysterious.” He asked.
He laughed again.
“Okay, it’s so light with you. I feel like myself around you.”
“Awe thanks. Wish you could be on the island.”
“Beautiful, if I was on an island like that, it would never be the same.”
She laughed again. “Naughty boy.”
“Definitely. It’s like my dream job. What am I doing? I’m supposed to get your story. Damn, these guys are in for something. Already foreseeing that this is going to be our best season.”
“Geet out, I mean it.”
He laughed again and just stared at Holly. “Tell me the story, cause you know you are beautiful, and it’s not that ditsy beach babe beautiful, you have that rare beauty. I’m sure if you wipe off that makeup, you will still sit with the exact same product.”
Holly laughed and shaking her head.
“Why don’t you like compliments.”
“It’s not that I don’t like them. I don’t know. I just don’t feel that beautiful.” Tears filled her eyes.
“No, don’t cry.”
“Sorry, she wiped them away. I feel that this is such a big leap in my life. And I might end up regretting it, but I don’t want to because this is a journey, and it might be just what I need to move forward.”
“From what?”
She blew out air. “From Jamie’s dad.”
“Okay, tell me about him. What happened?”
“It was perfect, like a fairy tale perfect. I mean, he is stupid hot.” He smiled again, shoulders shaking softly, and Holly chuckled. “And I thought I was the luckiest girl.”
“What does he do.”
“A doctor.”
“No, and you are studying for one.”
“Not because of him. I had a horrible case of hypertension when I was pregnant with Jamie. Constantly in and out of the hospitals. I was on a trial that was actually designed by his father, who is a gynecologist, to help regulate the high blood pressure, and it worked so well. He promised he wasn’t going to back out when we discovered I was pregnant, but like all stupid hot idiots, he changed his mind.”
“In what way.”
“Didn’t want me, or any of it.” She wiped her tears away.
“I just want to meet someone and move on, you know.”
“I get it. So how did it end? Take me through that day.”
She chuckled. “You are going to hate this guy.”
“I already hate him.”
She chuckled. “He texted me to go to his parents’ house to make them see that the baby is here to stay.”
“The parents had a problem with the pregnancy.”
“Not really his dad, it was his mother. She scared me to death at times. Had this thing that her kids need to finish, be stable in their jobs until settling down. He just started his internship when I got pregnant, and it just went downhill from there.”
“In what way?”
“He worked all the time, became distant, that sort of thing. I thought he was tired when I did see him as he assured me so many times he would stick it through to the end. He had a chat with his mom the first time, she wasn’t happy about it, ended up not speaking to him and I think that was when things went downhill.”
“He was a momma’s boy.”
“He said he wasn’t, but yes, they are extremely tight.”
“Is he the only child.”
“No, his parents were like rabbits.”
He laughed.
“No, really, if you meet them, one wants to be more beautiful than the other. He had a little brother, I think he is like six, seven now, it’s so cute.”
Fred couldn’t stop laughing. “You are kidding me.”
“No, I’m dead serious. He was the oldest.”
“Okay, that makes sense.”
“So the second time he wanted me there, I thought it was for support, you know?”
Fred nodded.
“When I got there, he left, and I had to deal with her alone.”
“No,” Fred’s eyes raised.
“Yip, and I was dreading it. I thought she poisoned the ice tea.”
He laughed again. “Sorry, he seriously just left you there.”
“Yeah,” Holly nodded. “We had a bit woman to woman chat and then she told me that he changed his mind.”
Fred gasped. “How did you feel?”
“Like my heart dropped to m stomach.”
“I can imagine. What did she say?”
“She told me that the entire family was behind his decision. I was taking off the trial. Meaning I wouldn’t get the shake from his dad, it was my worst day. I didn’t believe her. We fought as she told me that I should get an abortion, and I know that I would never be able to live with myself. I called her a psychopath as he told me that he would never do this.”
“You didn’t believe her?”
“Hell no.” Holly took a deep breath. “And then she told me to phone him.”
“You got to be shitting me.” Fred covered his eyes.
Holly chuckled.
Fred looked at her. “What did he say?”
“It is what it is, he got to go. No goodbye, not a sorry, nothing.”
“That was it.”
Holly nodded.
“That asshole.”
“Thank you,” Holly yelled playfully.
“So, just to be prepared, he doesn’t know you kept her.”
“No,” Holly shook her head.
“Shit, you want to tell me he is finding out over the tv that he has a daughter.”
“He deserves it,” Holly said.
Fred laughed. Was it going to be a problem for the show?
“Look, I’m honest, like sincere now. We had single moms on Sunset Island before. They really didn’t get that far, like four days at the most, it was almost a deal-breaker for us when your application said you had a fifteen-month-old baby.”
Holly nodded. “So why did you choose me.”
“It was just your video and your photos. You are, by far, one of the most beautiful girls we’ve ever had.”
“Get out.” Holly protested again. “No, there were babes on this show before.”
“Yeah, babes. You are not a babe Holly, you are the type of girl all the guys are looking for.”
“I don’t buy that, you tell all your girls that.”
“No, I’m dead honest. We mauled over your application for weeks, and when Connie asked us for an answer, we still couldn’t decide, and she picked you. She said if we struggle like that, the Island needs you.”
“You serious?”
Fred nodded. “Connie chose you. She never chooses any contestants.”
“Holy crap.”
“So, I’m so excited to see what is going to happen. Just be you, stay true to what you believe in, and I promise you that you will make those boys crazy.”
Holly laughed.
“I’ll try.”
They pulled into a beautiful lodge. “This it?”
“No, this is where we run our preliminaries. Where we do that sexy intros.”
Holly grunted, and Fred laughed.
“We will talk later about yours. Your bags will arrive soon.”
“Okay, and thank you so much for this chat. It’s good to talk about it.”
“Talk to someone that has the power to crush him, right.”
Holly laughed. “I’m not like that.”
“Oh, that I could tell a mile away.”
They climbed out of the limo, and she was taken to a room.
She dialed her mother as she waited for her bags.
“You there,” her mother didn’t even say hello.
“I’m here.”
“How is it, and don’t leave out a thing.”
She went to the porch and just looked out at a beautiful beach scene. “This is so wrong, you need to see this view.”
“Send me pictures? But I want to know. How was the flight.”
HOlly sat down and start telling her mother about the business class experience. It went straight through to meeting Fred and their conversation. How she almost wasn’t picked but that Connie chose her. They had like 10 million viewers, and she was going to become famous, the last thing she didn’t want.
“Ten million viewers.”
“Yeah,” she took a deep breath.
“Holy crap, Holly. What was his reply when you told him about you know who?”
“He hates him.”
“I like him already.”
She took a deep breath.
“How do you feel.”
“Like I want to run my legs off.”
Her mother chuckled. “You are there. Just enjoy it, sweetheart.”
“Thank you, I’m going to try, mom.”
“I can’t wait for this show to start on Wednesday.”
“Please don’t watch the 24-hour footage, please.”
Jane laughed. “YOu are not like that. I can’t believe you are going to be on T.V.”
“I’m going to regret this fucking show, I know it.”
“No, you are not. Rod is right, this island is going to do you good, Holls.”
She just humphed with a small chuckle in her tone.
“I love you.”
“Love you too, mom.”
Her bags came in during the time she was with her mother on the phone, and she wanted to just get into a bikini. She was already experiencing the island feel.
She found a note attach to all the bikinis and on each note which bikini to wear for what.
Her most favorite one, the blue one, was only to be worn when she gets chosen for when to meet exes.

That night Holly was pooped. Fred came back with Connie, and they spoke a lot about the fact that Jake had no idea that he had a daughter and that he would find out via live television. They didn’t care the way Holly dreaded it. Connie was actually elevated by it as it would hit the season off on a climax already. Holly didn’t like it, but then Connie put her mind immediately at ease, to carry on as if the watchers had no idea that Jake didn’t know.
She even helped Holly with her intro.
Holly put in a bit of humor here and there, which Connie loved, and Holly had to tell the readers that she was a mom and two how she was dumped via his mom.
Shit. She didn’t bargain on that, but she saw the irony.
She hoped that Jake wasn’t going to watch this.
“We actually had a few medical students applying this year.”
“There was a stunning blonde, but we decided against her, as there were just way too many blondes, and we never had a strawberry blonde like you on this show. So we went with you.”
“Yay,” she sounded ditsy again, which made Connie laugh.
“Relax, you are not going to be the first at the Villa, you don’t have to do that.”
“No, it’s the boys turn to choose.” Holly’s eyes grew.
“Yes, and I’m keeping you for last.”
“Nooooo,” Holly cried playfully and fell on her bed.
Connie just laugh. “It’s going to be okay. I promise.”
She left after that, and Holly is just dreading everything. Like everything.
She was going to be the last girl to get introduced, and she had no idea whether the Peterses would see that she didn’t get the abortion.