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Happy 2022!

The first post of my brand new website.


I’m wishing you all a happy 2022. It’s a year that you can start new, dream big and reach the goals that you struggle to reach last year. It’s a new year to take on life again and push through to happiness.


We all have our struggles, as life isn’t a walk in the park. It’s more like a never ending rollercoaster ride that has hard turns and soft curves. We need to go with the flow and keep positive through all the hard turns, which are not that easy. I speak of personal experience.


I went through a dark few years, to be honest. My mind set wasn’t in the right place at all. My thoughts were all over the place and I had to work super hard, and still do, trying to fix it and get back on to that soft curve on my rollercoaster ride.


In order to do that, I took a few courses in life and had to search real deep in how to change the things I can and accept the things I can’t change. It all has to do with your thoughts.


I never knew how truly powerful your mind can be. If you let negative thoughts into your mind, and keep on thinking those negative thoughts, your life spirals off its axes. To go back to that positive thinking is twenty times harder, but it’s like those negative thoughts. You let them in your head and dwell on them. It took some time getting to the spiral of its axes part, and the same happens if you dwell on the positive. It takes time to get to that soft curve. But it’s not impossible.


It just takes time. Time you have to give yourself. Just keep focusing on the positive. Your life will start making sense again and you feel that the sky is the limit. You will tackle on everything again.


So make 2022 a year of positive thinking and see where you are going to end up.


I’m super stoke about this year and to celebrate it, I do it with flare with my new website. What do you guys think? I’m super in love with this one. It’s very easy to navigate and to see what is going on in my life as I’m going to do loads of blog posts this year.


So keep an eye out on my blog for new adventures that are going to come your way soon.


Best wishes,



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