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He comes from a rich family, stepped into the family business of doctors, had a photographic memory, and is drop-dead gorgeous.
He doesn’t see himself like that, it was more of a curse.
It was something that got shown to him every single time a woman walks into a lamppost, trip over her own feet, smack into a window, or end gaping at him. Occasionally men too. Usually, people don’t make it a secret to what they think of his looks when he was in the vicinity.
Still, he was single. Why? Well, that one is fairly easy. He was busy with his studies and he really didn’t have time for a relationship right now. Plus he hasn’t met anyone who was really turning his world upside down.
He used to be all about boobs and ass but he has learned his lesson the hard way when he lost everything or felt as if he had that boobs and ass don’t always stick so well when difficult times come.
He used to love fighting. Yip, he had a huge name in the MMA and had a few local titles they still struggle to break. But a few years back he had met his match. Dimitri Ramakoff who was bigger, faster, and better than him.
The Russian almost ripped him apart, literally. Hurt his back and injured his neck so badly that the doctors thought he was never going to walk again. But then his best friend, friends since childhood, Leo Trollip, showed him that there was life again after MMA.
He learned how to walk again, learn how to deal with the blows that life handed him and he found a new love….the human mind.
Well, not the thoughts and mental issues, nope that was his sister’s, Amelia, expertise, he was talking about the physical brain. He decided to enroll in medical school, to become a neurologist, and everyone knows when Peters became doctors, it wasn’t long before they became the best in their field. It was how they were built up from a young age.
The end was in sight, he finally entered his final year, and then he was going to do his internship in his mother and father’s hospital at P&E. No way around that.
So yes, he truly has it all. For a long time, he really tried everything not to join the family business, but his father was right. It was his destiny and it just took him longer than his siblings to discover that.
That being a doctor was in their blood, in the blueprint of their existence. He knew now that the MMA was just a hobby that should’ve stopped a long time ago.
As for Girlfriends. Sure he occasionally had hookups, but what he wanted to be that stability, a real deep connecting type of relationship, and one day when his studies and residency were going to be over, he knew that it will too fall in place. He was in no hurry.
He used to have someone and really thought that they had something special. Even now, when he goes to parties, friends would still ask him about Melony. She was gorgeous, had dark hair, big tits, a beautiful ass and at a stage, he thought that nothing would break them apart, but he was wrong.
When the MMA mishap took place, and he started to eat as he couldn’t walk, he lost his good looks when he gained almost 50 pounds and bey bey Melonie.
It was a lot he had to deal with that time, but Leo stood by his side. Even if he didn’t want him there. He visits every day, fought every day and became the one that made him believe he could walk again.
He wanted that. He wanted a female version of Leo. Whether she existed or not, he had no idea. But he hopes that somewhere in his future she was waiting for him.
“So you are coming to Bern’s birthday party,” Leo spoke over the phone. He hasn’t seen them in such a long time.
“Who is going?” He asked.
“Jake, seriously.”
Jake laughed. “Joking. I’ll be there.”
“You bringing someone. Or is mommy dearest still ruling that aspect of your life.”
“She is not ruling my life in anyway idiot. I’m a grown man. But I’ll come along.”
Leo laughed, and Jake knew it was because of his alone comment and that a small part might be scared of going against his mother’s wishes. She was not an easy woman and always get things her way. He was done fighting with her too. He loved her way too much and his life is in a kind of a mess when they don’t talk.
“Bernie’s friends are not going to know what hit them.”
Jake laughed. They said goodbye and he disconnected his phone and put it back into his pocket.
He hates the fact that he was born with his looks. When he met someone he never knows whether they were into him because of his looks or whether into him because of who he was. Most of the time he was incompatible with the type of girls he met or want to hang out with. If only he could meet another Melonie with a great personality. One that can lift him up and be there for him when he needed her.
At times he misses her, but he said never again. He would never trust her. She was a real airhead. It was the name he gave women that had exceptionally great looks, and smart, but tend up to use their looks instead of their minds.
He was so over it.
The days to Bernie’s birthday party ticked near.
When it finally arrived he ended up going alone as he stated.
Sure he could’ve easily asked a friend and they would always say yes, but then he had to answer Leo’s questions and he wasn’t in the mood for them. Leo never believed that they were just his friends anyway.
He parked his car behind a Polo and gets out.
There were a few guests already lounging around the pool. All of the females starred as he walked toward the house.
He could feel their eyes on him.
The second he entered Leo smiled.
“Bud,” he greeted him with a slap shake and introduce him as Jake Peters to all his work colleagues that were in the kitchen.
“No, Holly. I will never speak to you again if you guys are not going to make it.” Bernie was over the phone.
“So how are things going.”
“Busy, the fourth year is tough.”
“Say the guy who has a photographic memory.”
Stuart, another one of Leo’s colleagues got up. “Really, you just had to invite him. Now, none of the ladies are going to see me.” He reached out for Jake’s hand and he greeted Stuart.
“I brought my hoodie so I’ll just hide underneath.” He put on the hood of his jacket and Stuart laughed.
“Fuck Brandon. You are my best friend. Please.” Bern yelled over the phone.
Leo and Jake looked at Bernie whose eyes already glistened but her mouth was set in a small, thin line. Those were angry tears, Jake knew that much.
“Okay fine. Whatever.” She put the phone down and closed her eyes, pinching the bridge of her nose.
Jake hates it just as much as Leo had when Bern cried, and on her birthday of all days.
“Hey, it’s going to be okay.” Leo took Bernie in his arms.
“She is making such a fucking huge mistake. She deserves better.”
“Yeah, I know.” Leo rubbed her back and kissed her forehead.
She sighed and saw Jake. “You came.” She pulled her tears back as a smile spread over her lips as she let go of Leo and walk over to Jake.
“I came.” He sang and give her a hug too. She disappeared into his grasp. She was so short. “You okay.”
“Yeah, it’s just one of my friends. She might not make it as her stupid fiance is working late. He’s probably screwing that fucking slut again.”
“Woah,” Jake chuckled. Bernie was like that, speak her mind and all.
“It’s the truth. And she is too fucking blind to see it.”
Jake hated these types of topics. He used to be one of those guys, a long time ago, and Bernie hated his guts for a while.
“Anything I can do to make it better.” He asked.
“Yeah, steal her away please.”
He laughed. “Not what I had in mind. I meant like getting you something to drink. A shooter, or ten.”
Bernie laughed out of her belly. It was contagious and Jake laughed with her.
“No, my drink is outside and the shooters too.”
She walked outside after she spoke softly to Leo and the rest followed.
As they neared the crowd that sat around the swimming pool in Leo’s entertainment area, which they dubbed the man cave, because of the bar, and the pool table, with the mother system of a radio, Jake could see huge grins forming on most of the women’s faces, sitting on camping chairs all staring at him. His eyes skidded over them, most look away as he went to the pool table and greeted a few familiar faces that he met before.
Leo took him to the bar, gave him a beer and they each had a shot, but he prepared an extra one for Bernie.
He really loved his wife and always include her in everything.
They made their way back out, close to the built-in BBQ he designed when they bought the house.
One thing Jake can say, Leo had a super A class man cave.
He could still feel eyes on him and heard soft whispers behind him as he walked toward Bernie who was sitting with a girl he saw before. What was her name again? The pussycat, Jozi.
Leo handed her her shooter and Jake stood tall next to him.
“You guys make me claustrophobic.” Bernie pushed him down on one of the camp chairs. And Leo next to him.
They both laughed. As both of them were giants.
Jozi laughed as she greeted Jake and asked how life was treating him.
Nobody ever asking how he was in that manner.
“Okay, I guess.” He answered and George laughed as his wife just stared at Jake awkwardly.
“Sorry, Jake. I can’t take her anywhere.”
“It’s okay, I’m used to it.” He joked. “George right.”
“Good memory.”
“It’s a curse really. I can never forget the things I would like to.”
They all laughed again.
They started to speak about random things. Why Leo and Bern haven’t seen Jake in such a long time and how his studies were going.
George joined in their conversation. He met him and Jozi on a previous BBQ held at Leo’s house. He was in programming and IT and was working a lot with overseas companies meaning that his work was a bitch because of the time difference.
Bernie still complained to Jozi about her absent friend.
Jake tried not to pay too much attention to her bad mood. How great of a friend could she be if he didn’t know her.
More people arrived and every time the woman pass Jake they stared, speechless at him. George thought it was hilarious as they finished one beer after the other Leo made jokes too. He had to tell his name so many times to people that later on he told them different names.
It was going to be one of those nights where someone was going to end up hitting someone else. He could just feel it.
When the sun was starting to set and the alcohol flow more freely more girls started to speak to him as Leo started to prepare the BBQ. He wished now that he brought a female friend. Usually, they back off when they saw a girl with him.
But he was scared that she would’ve seen it as a date and then he had to deal with all that afterward crap again. He just wasn’t in the mood for that, but now, he was slightly regretting it.
A car honked at the gate and Bernie went to see who it is.
Her mood changed immediately and she smiled as she stands with her arms on her hips.
“Just opened the gate, cow.” Another woman said and Bernie laughed, opening the gate.
She clapped her hands at the driver and a sports model drove in.
“Oh fuck,” Leo spoke under his breath as he neared Jake and George laughed.
“You don’t like him.” Jake looked at Leo.
“Oh, you’ll see.” Leo drank from his bottle.
“You’ll hate him too by the end of this night,” George said and Leo laughed.
A few minutes later a blonde guy easily two heads shorter than himself, blonde hair with a cooler bag under his arm came to shook everyone’s hand. He was wearing a fashion brand that Jake also loved but could never get the size that would fit him.
By the look of the car he drove, he knew he came from money. It is not hard to spot it. He grew up with it too.
“George,” he shook George’s hand and to Jake’s surprise George was very friendly with him. Asking him how he was doing among other things.
Brandon, who he heard George said hugged Jozi who stood up from her chair.
She hit him hard in the stomach and Leo’s shoulders shook as Brandon grunted. “Fucker. What took you so long. Where were you?”
Jake’s eyes grew the way she talked to him.
“You’re my cousin not my mother.” He answered and winced as he turned around and greeted Leo.
Leo shook his hand and smiled. “Long time no see Brandon.”
“Work, what can I say?” The guy smiled.
“Jake, Brandon, Brandon, Jake.”
They greet each other and Brandon unfolded his camp chair.
“Whatever Holly. You could’ve met Brandon here.” He heard Bernie’s reply close buy.
“And who do you think is going to drive my drunk ass home tonight.” Brandon teased Bernie.
“Ha, ha.” She sounded sarcastic. “It’s my birthday, she is going to drink with me tonight.”
Josi jumped from her chair and Jake moved his body closer to Leo not to get bumped for being in the way.
Leo chuckled again.
He looked up and saw strawberry blonde curls cascading down her back. She was wearing a summer dress that was relatively short. He scanned her quickly but stopped the minute he could feel Brandon’s eyes on him.
“You should really think about taking Bernie’s offer.” Leo leaned into him.
Jake laughed.
“Hey Georgie,” the girl said.
“Holly, you beaut.” He got up and hugged her tight. “When are you going to leave Brandon. I’ll leave Josi.”
She slapped him as Brandon just stared at George not impressed.
“Fine, leave my ass,” Josi said. “I’ll take Jake.”
Jake spit out his beer and George laughed.
“Whose Jake.” She asked with her back to him.
Josi showed her to turn around and she looked over her shoulder.
Jake waved at her and smiled.
“Hi,” she chuckled and looked back at Josi. “The guy sits right there. You are unbelievable.”
Jake frowned. Did she really just looked through him. Usually, women when they first saw him, go speechless, or end up staring but she didn’t do any of the above except greeting him.
He was dumbfounded that he didn’t even hear Jozi’s reply but heard how everyone was laughing. He hopes it wasn’t at his expense.
She hugged Bernie again and sway with her side to side.
She plopped down on the chair and immediately start joking with Jozi not ones glancing his way. Fuck, now that he really saw her, his heart definitely skipped a beat. He should really take Bern up on that offer she was beautiful.
His eyes flicked to the ring on her finger but she still paid him no attention whatsoever. This never happened to him before.
George was already laughing softly as he turned to look at Leo for some sort of confirmation. Maybe she was blind but she didn’t look blind. Leo was looking down at his beer bottle and chuckled once. He knows that Jake was flabbergasted with this fiery semi redhead seeing straight through him.
“Hey, Leo,” Holly said and came over and sat on Leo’s lap. Her back to Jake.
He looked at Bernie confused.
She laughed out loud as Holly whispered sweet words to Leo.
“Oh can it, that is my husband slut.”
“I’m not a slut, I’ve known Leo as long as you have and he is literally the only guy Brandon can’t beat up.”
“Haha,” Brandon said.
“Oh can it, you are not out of the dog box yet, tonight is my night. So you better ease up with the drink.”
“Whoa, we going to hear Holly singing,” Leo yelled looking at her.
She just laughed and turned to look at Jake again. “Oh sorry how rude, I’m sitting with my back to him.” She got up and Leo roared again as she seriously just looked straight through him.
She went to sit over by Bernie again who put a hand over her head.
“What is wrong with you.”
“Nothing, absolutely nothing. We are going to get so fucking drunk tonight.”
“Promise,” Holly said with a sly smile.
Fuck, this girl was driving him mad and her fiance was seriously sitting a few feet away from him.
“I’m going to have my hands full tonight, aren’t I.”
“Oh shush, you might even get lucky tonight,” Holly said and raised her eyes.
“I’m not in the doghouse anymore,” he yelled and lift up his hands.
“Haha, not there yet,” Holly said and looked at Bernie again.
She definitely spoke twice to him and she didn’t even give him a second look.
Jake was still mind fucked. How the hell didn’t he see her before tonight? He knew Leo since he was 11 for crying out loud.
He sighed. He never experienced this before. Guess there was a first for everything, and to be honest he had no idea how he felt about it.
Leo finally roared with laughter and Jake followed.
Bernie just looked at both of them and started speaking to Holly again who just stared at Leo.
He was seriously invisible to this woman.
However, he was so intrigued. More than he should be. Still, she was breathtakingly beautiful with her strawberry curls, he unguarded eyes, and laughter that made his stomach flutter.
This was nuts. He didn’t even know the girl. What was busy happening to him and how the fuck does he need to react. He had no idea.

Around eight he helped Leo with the bbq.
More girls got up one by one, spoke to him, made flirty comments and he joked back which made Leo roared. But through the corner of his eyes, he could see Holly. She was always a glance away.
He picked up a few things during the night.
She loved Sam who was sitting on her lap now. And by the look of it, Sam loved her.
She was extremely friendly and kind and not the slutty type. She knew her place well and she was still not glancing once his way.
She was full of life and it was clear that she loved the idiot, that was evident.
Still, he hated the way he spoke to her, each time when she asked him for a drink. The way he really told her to pipe it down when she laughed to loud.
Bernie just smacks him and would say something mean.
Oh, he loved Bernie so fucking much.
He knows for a fact that Bern was only tolerating him because of Holly, and George, Leo, even his cousin.
She was seriously the light of the party as he wasn’t the only idiot staring at her from time to time.
A Pink song played and Holly acted out all the words, dancing in front of Brandon who looked bored. Jake just stared at the guy as he raised an eyebrow at her.
Fucking asshole. If she danced like that in front of him he wouldn’t just raise his fucking eyebrow.
Leo laughed at her and Bernie joined in, singing with Holly. She was so different from all the girls he knew. She was addicted to being around.
Brandon caught him staring at Holly again and he pulled her onto his lap and kissed her as he stroke her leg. Jake just shook his head and answered the girl that stood by them.
He heard Leo huffing but he didn’t acknowledge it.
He understood completely what Leo meant by hating the guy.
He was a fucking loser. And she was blind seeing it just as she was blind at seeing him.
Later that night he saw Holly as she sat on George’s chair who got up to play pool. She was sitting with Jake’s hoodie over her legs having a deep discussion with Jozi.
Fuck his hoodie is going to smell like her too. But was glad that at least his hoodie got some action from this girl.
Many thoughts went through Jake’s mind but each and every time he wanted to act on it, he saw the ring on her finger. She really doesn’t see him. How was that even remotely possible.
The one thing Jake couldn’t get over was why he haven’t met her before tonight.
She was clearly one of Bern’s friends, good too, as they speak to one another like sisters. She clearly doesn’t take Bernie’s crap.
Holly was funny, sounded really smart, and back Bernie up as they take on Josi.
Brandon kept catching Jake ogling his girl and the idiot always hugged her from behind, kissing her like there was no tomorrow.
The guy seriously had many insecurities when it comes to her. Not that he blamed him. He would lock her in a closet too if she was his.
If she was his? He wonders about that though. Could he really see himself with someone like Holly? Fuck yes.
He ended up with Bern and Leo in the kitchen as Bernie quickly had to go make more salad while everyone was digging away.
Holly didn’t follow. He secretly hopes that she would help Bern but she didn’t.
He would like to speak to her just once away from Brandon.
She would see him then, like really see him. He was sure of it.
“So Holly is one of your best friends,” Jake asked and Leo laughed.
“What, it’s just a question?” Jake said to Leo.
“Dude, she’s a real gem. Inside and out.”
Oh fuck, don’t tell me that.
“Really?” Bern spoke sounding a bit jealous.
“It’s Holly, Bern.”
“I know.”
All three of them laughed.
Leo looked at Jake. “What was a surprised is that she looked straight through Jake.”
Jake laughed too as Bernie grunted.
“It’s a first, I really don’t know how I feel about that. It’s refreshing though.” Jake admitted.
“She is really blind.” All humor is gone from Bernie’s tone. She really does not like Brandon.
“She is not blind,” Leo grabbed Bernie from behind. “Well she’s blind when it comes to Branon’s shit, but I think a part of her saw Jake. She is just not like all your other friends, Bern.”
“She is going to marry him and it is going to be the biggest mistake of her life.”
“Then speak to her, she will listen to you.”
“Oh, like she listened to me the past ten times. Yeah, right.”
“Why haven’t I’ve seen her before,” Jake asked.
“Because she had idiots for boyfriends who don’t appreciate her. And now she is going to marry one.”
“I don’t know babes. He looks different tonight like they are really working through their shit. I mean I never saw him this lovable with her before.”
“Oh please, someone is probably checking her out,” Bern said and Jake smiled. But he really dislikes the fact that all the good ones end up with the fucking idiots.
If she was his, he would not have spoken to her the way that idiot spoke to her tonight.
“You coming,” Leo brought Jake out of his string of thoughts.
“I’m quickly going to the bathroom.”
“Okay, don’t take too long.”
Jake laughed and sighed just as he entered the bathroom.
When he exit he walked past the window in the kitchen and something caught his eye.
He walked slowly toward the window and saw Brandon and Holly making out.
He smiled. He really starts to envy this guy and when he was just about to leave, Brandon stopped and revealed that the woman he was kissing was not Holly.
His blood boiled and he walked to the back door that stood open.
They were speaking softly to one another. The girl laughed. Jake watch this as he leaned against the doorway.
He was a fucking idiot.
When Brandon went in for another kiss, Jake cleared his throat and both of them stopped.
The girl with the long dark hair saw Jake and slipped away, back around the house to the party.
“Aren’t you getting married.”
A smirk formed on Brandon’s face. “I’m not married yet.” He simply said and Jake walked closer to him.
“You are a fucking idiot, you know that.”
“Fuck off, you don’t know me.”
“No, I don’t. But I’m a good observer. Do us both a favor and leave your fiance.”
Brandon’s face changed the second Jake said that and he pushed Jake hard. He retreated a few steps, standing his ground.
“You stay away from Holly. She’s not yours.”
Jake chuckled. This guy was seriously playing on death’s front porch and he really didn’t want to injure his hands now.
“Yeah, what you going to do about that if I go now and tell her what the fuck you are doing right now.”
“Try,” he huffed. “We’ll see how far you come.”
With that Jake’s fist hit Brandon. The guy was a wuss and hit the ground hard.
A pair of manly arms grabbed him from behind as he was aiming to kick the fucking asshole and got pulled into the house again.
Jake felt as if everything around him was dark.
“Calm down bud. You are going to kill him. What the fuck happened.”
“Don’t, just don’t,” Jake grunted and went to Bernie’s spare room to just calm down.
He needed to think. He couldn’t believe he told him to leave her for both of them. He would be livid too if a guy tells him that.
He listened to the commotion that went on outside and saw how Leo hold Bernie as Brandon’s car pulled out.
The coward was leaving before Jake could fulfill his purpose.
The gates closed and Jake couldn’t help but feel sorry for Holly. He shouldn’t, he know he shouldn’t, but what he saw tonight. She was one of those rare women you only read about it books.
The ones that sound far fetched and like a dream.
And he just let her slip through his fingers.
She was going to get married.