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FOR ME (Accompanying Novel to the 4Ever Series) – By Isabella White


Jake Peters has it all. He is drop-dead gorgeous, comes from a wealthy family, and is studying for a doctor. Then why does it feel that his life is so darn empty?


On the night of Bernie Trollip’s birthday, he meets the tornado of a girl, Holly Scallanger, that messes up his life completely. It’s like he has found pandora’s box and he does not know how to put that lid back on as the fact stands—she is getting married to the biggest idiot in the world.


But when the music festival arrives, and Jake sees Leo and Bernie again for the first time in three months, he discovers that the whirlwind of a girl didn’t go through with her wedding and that she has been single for the past three months.


Jake refuses to let this chance slip through his fingers a second time. Holly becomes his everything, real fast and the Shanghai mentoring program is like a dark cloud hanging over them. He has one plan, to make her pregnant. It’s the only way to keep it all, and he’s determined to succeed if only his mother will agree to see things his way.
This is Imperfect Love, Isabella White’s first novel in the 4Ever series, told through Jake’s point of view.

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