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Exclusive Titles to my store

I have two titles and two box sets available only in my store.


Sunset Island


It’s one of my favorites and part of the What if Novels that has a completely different layout and name. The PDF of Sunset Island isn’t available as it’s my very first interactive novel. Meaning that you can choose how the story goes in some places inside the book. Which means this baby is over 1000 pages and a lot of words.


It takes place on a dating show that Stacy entered Holly in and at the end she ends up on the show. Our hot-throb giant discovered this and entered the show too. You can imagine the chaos that happened on that island before the romance set it.


I loved this story so much and you can easily purchase it in my store.


The Destined Books Part II-IV


It’s three stories set in one. How Romy could have made it. I love these books as each one has a hero or two. I’m sure by now you know they needed a certain doctor to save little Romy’s life. I’m really thinking of writing a story just for them. The giant has climbed into my heart with his enormous body and soft heart. I have a thing for gentle giants and they are always the hero of my story.


Then the What if Series box set is exclusive to my store. I will add these two novels to that box set soon. But please give me some time. It’s not available yet inside the box set.


The store is so close to my heart. A lot of working hours went into this one and it’s easily navigated. We give a 15% discount code off, so all the books are cheaper on any other store with the coupon code that you have to enter.


Use it please.


Till later,



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