Destined 2-512x393

Chapter ONE

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It had been three days since the babies were born. He couldn’t shake the feeling that they are Peter’s babies but Gus did tell him that Jake’s lass didn’t want the babies.
Phoning him, asking, will break the boy if it wasn’t Holly.
He couldn’t, but deep down in his gut he also knew he couldn’t leave it.
It’s been bugging him, eating at him, every time he went to check in on the twins.
What if it is Jake’s?
They really do not look that strong and he has no idea whether they are going to pull through or not.
He couldn’t phone Jake. It wouldn’t be right.
He had much contemplating about all of this.
What if he speaks to Jane about the babies’ father? She must know who it was.
Charles Scallanger wasn’t the easiest man to be around but he had to admit that he was different around his daughter.
Daddy’s girl, that thought put a smile on his face.
He knew that Charles would do anything for Holly to accept giving up the father’s name. But maybe Jane would.
She walked in on cue as if a higher power had summoned her and went to the counter to buy herself a coffee.
When she turned around he waved at her and she smiled.
She bends over the counter speaking softly to the waitress behind and pointed at Frank’s table. The waitress nodded and Jane walked over, looking tired and worried, to Frank’s table.
“Come, sit,” Frank said.
“You don’t mind?”
“No, I hate eating alone. Can I get you something for lunch? Cake, sandwich.”
“No thank you,” she declined with a beautiful smile. She was a beautiful woman and Frank does not deny how his heart skipped a few beats every time Jane Scallanger walking into a room.
“Give it to me straight. What are their chances?”
“I can’t give it to you straight as it’s not up to me. It’s up to them and the BIG MAN upstairs.”
She smiled. “A doctor who believes in God. Frank Edwards, I’m impressed.”
He chuckled. “I’m a man of many talents, Jane.”
Her coffee came and she sipped slowly. Her smile disappeared and the worried lines appeared again. “She scared me so much when she flatlined. I thought I lost her.” Tears welled up in her eyes and Frank took her hand softly in his.
“She didn’t, she fought, and she woke up. She is a fighter, and her blood flows strongly through her daughters too. They want to live, Jane. They are both fighting the biggest fight of their life.”
She sighed. “I don’t think she will make it if one of them has to go.”
“It’s hard, never easy but it’s not in our hands.”
She wiped off a tear and give a soft smile which made Frank’s stomach flipped again. What was it with this woman?
“Dr. Rikus told me that you are a nurse.” He let go of her hand and carried on eating as Jane explained to him about her work and passion.
“To be honest with you, I really don’t know what is waiting for me when I get back home, or if I should even go back.” She then told him about her other daughter, Holly’s twin, Jamie, and how difficult it was for her when she died. How her relationship with Holly deteriorated from thereon. She wasn’t even capable of looking after Holly after Jamie’s death and she drowned her sorrows in alcohol. She had been recovered for the past few years.
Frank listen with compassion and he felt for Jane. He knows, well not by experience as he was a traditional bachelor, how hard it was for parents to lose their child. He’s seen it first hand and dealt with it on numerous occasions. It was one thing he never understood: How could a loving God let a mother and father buried their child.
Then they spoke about Charles and how she still need a way to forgive him for all the crap he put them through.
She never found another after Charles Scallenger, he was a spineless idiot and would have given anything to have met a woman like Jane twenty years ago.
“Can I ask you a question?” Frank decided that it was probably the best chance he was going to get.
“Sure. You are my grandchildren’s hope, so I think you deserve to ask one question.” She teased.
“What happened with the baby’s father?”
Jane sighed. Kept silent for a while. “He didn’t want them, Frank. Holly told me that he couldn’t even face her himself. Told her over the phone. She was so happy. The way she spoke about their relationship,” she shook her head. “It sounded like a fairytale and we both know that those types of relationships are impossible.”
He chuckled. “I’m so sorry.”
“It’s okay. Life isn’t fair. Love either. But he is going to regret this one day. He told her to get an abortion, well in so many words, and she refused. My daughter is my hero.”
He smiled. “You raised her well, Jane.”
“That is just the thing, Frank. I’m afraid that I had nothing to do with her believes.” She then told him about Jamie’s best friend who automatically became Holly’s best friend after Jamie passed. How her mother and father were there for Holly in her need.
“Didn’t you know it takes a village to raise a child, or so I’ve been told.”
She smiled. “Thank you Frank for being so kind. She gave me a second chance and I’m not planning on screwing this up.”
Silence lingered as they both smiled. “So what about you. Do you have any children?”
“No, I’ve never been blessed with children or a wife I’m afraid.”
“A true bachelor.”
He chuckled. “Something like that. But I really wanted them.”
“I’m sorry. They are a blessing.”
His beeper went off. “Sorry, duty calls but thank you for keeping me company.”
“Go, and it’s my pleasure, Frank.”
He got up and went to the emergency. Getting there he couldn’t help but think that it didn’t sound like Jake at all. He would never tell a girl over the phone that he didn’t want the baby or get an abortion. Amelia was way too strong and overpowering in her beliefs. It simply wasn’t Jake’s babies.

That night he did rounds again. When he got to the twins he couldn’t help but see two little Peter’s. Amelia was prem too and she looked a lot like them. He remembers that time and it was a horrible time not just for him but for Gus, their father, and his best friend too. They both thought that she wasn’t going to pull through but she was a fighter.
Holly was sitting in the chair, waiting for an update. He had no idea what to tell her. They were holding on but barely and there was absolutely nothing more he could do, but wait in agony for signs of improvement or signs of giving up.
“Holly, who is the father?” It just slipped out.
She didn’t answer and when he looked at her she had tears in her eyes.
She wiped them away fast. “Not applicable, doctor Edwards. Please stop asking me.”
“I’m sorry.” He wanted to carry on with the conversation but the lump in his throat couldn’t get the words out.
He gave her the same update about their progress and then he left.
He needed a drink and he hated how useless he felt that he couldn’t do more. He prayed to God to watch over the babies, to pull them through this, and then he started to drink from the bottle that was hiding in his drawer.
Around one in the morning, he went home, called an Uber, and crashed on his bed in his mansion on the hill.

The next morning when he woke up, he had a slight headache. He didn’t even drink that much. He felt like crying for no reason. What if they are Peters’s. What is he going to tell his godson one day when he discovers that she didn’t do the abortion.
He decided to fuck everything and text Gus. The boy never has to know.
‘What is Jake’s lasses name?’
He put the phone on his nightstand and went to take a shower.
When he got out, Gus hasn’t read his message yet. He got dressed and put the phone in his shirt pocket, makes himself an egg white omelet and a cup of coffee.
His phone rang and saw it’s Gus’s number.
He picked up. From the background noise, and Gus’s voice he could hear he was on loudspeaker.
“Why are you asking me this, you should know, Frank?”
What an odd comment. “What do you mean I should know?”
“We phoned all the hospitals, telling them about this case, to look out if anyone with her symptoms comes in.”
A cold finger rushed up to his spine. “I’m not the gynecologist, Gus. I’m just a pediatrician.”
“No, we phoned both.”
“I never got a call like that, it would’ve been on the billboard in the pediatrician ward.”
“No, we phoned every single hospital.”
“Gus, I’m telling you, nobody phoned us.”
“No, you knew. That day at the hotel?”
“I know something was wrong cause Mara told me Jake is not in a great place. I didn’t know the details, Gus until you told me what his lass did.”
Silence filled. “Nobody phoned you?”
“Nobody phoned. What is going on here?”
“Why are you phoning me, Frank?”
“I need to know what this lass’s name was please.”
“Holly.” He said and Frank froze. “Holly Scallanger.”
No. It can’t be. She said that the boy didn’t want the babies. Jake would never.
“Frank, you there?”
“Gus, you need to come. It’s life and death.” He put the phone down and rubbed his chin hard as his mind start to work overtime. He didn’t know what to believe anymore. Jake would never do this. He was so sure about it.
His phone rang again. Gus.
He picked up.
“What do you mean it’s life and death, Frank?”
“She’s here.”
“No,” Gus’s voice broke. “She said she was going to get an abortion, Frank.”
“She didn’t get one. Just come, please.”
“Okay, I’m just finishing up here and I’ll be there.” He put the phone down.
Jake was the father. He knew it in his gut that those babies were his, the question was why does Holly think that he didn’t want them. Jane said she spoke to him. What was going on?