Destined I

Chapter ONE
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She cried so much that she had to stop.
Charles Scallanger? Why would she go to him? He was worse than Jake. He threw them away.
She needs the shake, the two tins in her suitcases weren’t enough. Not nearly enough.
She took a few deep breaths and just calm down.
She was sure he would help her, he was trying to make amends too, just like her mother.
She needed more of the shake. She could go back, but what if Jake was still there.
Fuck Jake, fucking asshole. She would fucking kill him for doing this. She should be mad, so fucking mad. He was worse than Brandon.
Brandon at least showed him her colors, never made a secret of it, but Jake. He was playing a fucking game.
She was no one’s pawn.
She turned the Beetle around. She would fucking steal the shakes if she has to. But this baby was going to be born, healthy. She was adamant.
It took her about an hour and a half to pull into P&E and she was quite livid when she closed the door.
Her head spun like crazy and she felt blazing hot. She could feel her fever radiation of her in waves.
Dr. Meier would help her. She was sure of it.
She didn’t have the strength to fight with Jake anymore and she takes back the wish that he was still here.
She climbed the steps, holding on to the railing and went into the reception of P&E. Not the emergency like she did that night when he took her.
She walked to the reception.
“Hi, can I help you,” one of the ladies asked.
“Is Jake Peter’s here.”
“Holly,” a voice said and she saw the nurse that helped her the night with her hand. She got quite acquainted with her the few times she met Jake while he was on the evening shift the past few months.
“Agneta,” she started to cry.
The woman reminded her of an African mamma and she wrapped her arm around Holly. “Baby, what is wrong, come.” She took her to the nearest door and opened it.
Holly saw that it was an office. She sat on the nice leather couch.
“Talk to me.”
“Is Jake here?”
“No, he left around five. What happened?”
She felt that she could breathe again. “You are so hot, it can’t be good for the fetus.”
Holly cried again. Agneta knows.
“I should phone Jake.”
“No,” she said and Agneta stared at her with huge eyes. “He wants me to get rid of it, Aggy.”
“What?” she asked shocked. “Baby, no.”
Holly nodded, sniffed, and wiped her tears. “He told me in so many words. I was on my way to the bus station and I need more of Dr. Peters shake, Aggy. I won’t survive without it and I can’t abort my baby. Please don’t let them abort my baby.”
“Did you speak to Gus.”
“He won’t give me the shake. They are all supporting his wishes.”
“What? Baby are you sure?” Her eyebrows furrow.
Holly nodded. “Please just help me get the shake and I’ll leave.”
She touched her cheek softly. Tears welled up in Agnetha’s eyes too. “I don’t have access to them, but I know of someone that does.”
“He can’t know Aggy. Please.”
“He won’t. Just stay here, lay down, you don’t look good, and I’ll get in touch with Dr. Meyer. I’ll tell her that it’s an emergency.”
Aggy left and Holly loved the cold touch of the leather against her skin.
She never thought that Jake would disappoint her like this.
About ten minutes later she heard Dr. Meyers voice in the doorway. “He just canceled all of her appointments, what happened?” She entered and crouch in front of Holly.
“Holly, you don’t look so good. Aggy, book her a bed.”
“No, I don’t have insurance. I can’t stay. Jake wants me to abort, I can’t do that.”
“Wait, what?”
Holly nodded. Sniffed and wiped her tears again. Her head was spinning now like crazy.
“He’s not going to give me the shake. He is standing behind his son’s wishes. I need the shake, otherwise, I’m going to die. I don’t want to die.” Holly cried again and Dr. Meyer just looked at her with huge eyes.
“You need medicine Holly, something to calm you down. This isn’t good for the fetus. He won’t know you are here.” Dr. Meyer said and barked to Aggy to submit her.
She left in a hurry and a few seconds later they pulled in a bed into the office and a few doctors and nurses helped Holly on the bed as Dr. Meyer took her to the maternity ward.
“He really canceled all my appointments?” Holly asked.
“Yeah,” she said through clenched teeth. “What is your plan, Holly?”
“My father is Charles Scallanger. He is well known.”
“The architect,” Dr. Meyer said. “The best is he is your father?”
“Yes, but I haven’t seen him in a long time. He will help, but I need more shake. Is there a way that you can get that for me?”
She nodded. “He gave me a few, you can have it all. You want me to phone your father?”
“I don’t have his number. It’s sad I know.”
Dr. Meyer just looked at her. “I’m so sorry that this is happening to you sweetheart. I will help where I can and I’ll get in touch with your father tomorrow and see where we will take it from there.”
“Please, don’t let them make me get an abortion.”
“Honey, no one can do that if you don’t give them consent.”
“Mara would.” She spoke about her fear.
“You spoke to Mara.”
“He confirmed it too. He wants me to get an abortion.”
“Okay, just take it easy.” She put an IV in Holly’s arm. Holly shut her eyes so tight and winced when the needle entered her hand. She hated needles.
She put her on monitors and the baby’s heartbeat was slower than normal. “Did you have your shake yet?”
Holly shook her head.
“I’ll get you some.” Dr. Meyer left but not before she barked orders to the staff.
They were all monitoring her again and Dr. Meyer came back with a glass of shake in her hand. Holly gulped it down and then everyone left except for Dr. Meyer.
“What happened?”
Holly didn’t want to relive it but she told Dr. Meyer everything. She shook her head at the end and huffed. “Sleep. It’s the best for now. I need to monitor you for twenty-four hours. The baby took a bad toll, Holly. I don’t want you to lose it but you need to calm down.”
She nodded as a new fear entered her. She can lose the baby.
Dr. Meyer switches off her light and then left her room.
She could hear whispering outside. “I’m staying so if anything changes, page me.”
More tears cascade down Holly’s face.
Her life really does suck.


Jake just left to make sure Bern was okay.
“I’m telling the truth.” She just looked at him, hurt lacing her eyes. It was going to mess up Jake. He wanted this baby. He told him in excrete detail. He fears that his son was not going to bounce from this knowing who Holly was to him.
Still, he promise to not tell his wife. And he was a man of his word. Phoning Tiff and told her to cancel all Holly’s appointments wasn’t easy.
Why didn’t she wait for him?
His phone rang. P&E.
“Gus Peters.”
“Sorry Dr. Peters”, Aggy said. “Dr. Meyers is needing your assistance, please. It’s an emergency.”
“Can no one else do this?”
“It’s a perfect candidate for the P47 trial, please, she is begging.”
“I’ll be there now Agneta.” He put the phone down. He was so disappointed that the shake wasn’t working.
“Sweetheart, don’t give up on the shake, please. I meant what I said. Everyone’s DNA is different. The shake just didn’t work as it should for Holly. She is one person.”
“I have to pull it if it’s not working for one. You know the rules when it comes to trials, Mara. I need to go. Sorry.”
He kissed her on the top of her head and left.
He reached P&E and need to tell Tiffany that the shake wasn’t working.
He found reception and sign in. “Where is Dr. Meyer?”
A hand grabbed him firmly on his arm and pulled him toward his office.
Tiffany looked pissed off.
He got here as fast as he could.
The door shut behind him. “An abortion, Gus.”
“I got here as soon as I c…what?”
She shook her head. “Withholding the shake. You made a promise to not let personal issues hinder your ability to help the sick. If I take you to the board now, they will have a field day with this.”
“Tiff what are you talking about?”
“Oh don’t play coy with me. So what, he doesn’t want the child anymore, you should beat the living crap out of him for being a coward and not stand by his decision. The stress you put on her tonight, she can lose the baby Gus but I guess that would play in all your favor. I’m so Disapp…”
“Holly is here?”
“No, you are not seeing her. I want all the shakes and you will give them to me or I’ll report what happened today.”
“Tiffany calm down. She left, saying the shake didn’t work. I was about to pull it off.”
“I need to speak to her.”
“She doesn’t want to see any of you, Gus, she is shit scared and I need to find a way to pull the fetus through.”
Gus sighed. “This is a mess, what happened? What does she say? Please, you know me. I would never withhold this from anyone, Tiffany.”
“I want to hear your side first.”
“Okay,” Gus went to sit on his sofa and told Tiffany everything that Mara told him. He finished with, “I don’t even know if Jake is involved with this. He wanted that baby, so badly that he gave Holly Imogene and not the Hydrogene.”
“He wanted to make her pregnant and you are okay with that!?”
“He is a grown man. He wanted her, so you can imagine how I’m feeling when you are saying he doesn’t want the baby.”
“So that is the story Mara told you guys?” Tiffany asked.
He nodded. “Let me guess, it’s not what she said.”
“No, it’s quite the opposite, Gus.” She told him Holly’s version and it felt as if he couldn’t breathe. Especially the part where she said that Holly spoke to Jake over the phone. He felt as if he had no idea who the hell his son was anymore, or his wife. How could they do that and pull the entire Peterses into this premeditation murder?
“I swear to you, I’m not part of this Tiffany,” angry tears filled his eyes and she sighed.
“I believe you, your eyes are a dead giveaway.”
“I need to see her, please. She needs to know I’m on her side and that I will deal with those two. That I will do anything to pull her through this.”
“I’ll ask her. She had a shake and her vitals pick up nicely.”
“She had a shake. So it works.”
“Of Course it works. It’s why she came back Gus, for more.”
He grinding on his teeth. Ten fucking years of research and those two were going to let him throw it just like that in the water.
“You okay?”
He realized that his hand was shaking out of anger. “I will be, just take me to her, please.”
Tiffany nodded and they went up to the maternity ward. The triage nurse gave Tiffany raised eyes.
“He’s not part of this, Melonie. He had no idea what was going on. They lied to him. He needs to make sure that the baby is okay, please.”
“She is finally sleeping,” Melonie said.
“Mom is okay, I’m worried about the fetus, please, and so is Dr. Peters,” Tiff told her.
She nodded and Gus entered into a dark room.
He saw her figure sleeping on the bed. His grandchild’s heartbeat wasn’t where it should be. He prints out the heart rate and tears it off slowly to not wake Holly.
He will strangle his son for putting her through this.
He left and expect the baby’s heart rate.
“What do you think?”
“The baby needs a boost. I might just have something in my office.”
He left and went to fetch a small bottle of his new drug. He actually finished this one before he finished the shake. It was more expensive but it might boost the baby.
Tears filled his eyes to all the disappointment he was feeling. Maybe Mara was right. He was too soft and lenient with them. It was why they walked all over him. Each and every single one.
He sniffed hard and grabbed the drug and went back to the maternity ward.
“Gus, what is that?”
“Calm down. Denver had the first batch already and is reporting great stats. It will boost the baby, Tiff.”
He pushed the liquid up in a syringe and into her I.V.
Now he just has to wait and pray that the fetus will push through. That his grandchild will push through. He will make sure that they have whatever they need. His son was his responsibility and he turned out to be such a coward. So he will take on this responsibility if the baby makes it.
“I’ll sit with her,” Gus said.
“If she sees you.”
“I’ll make sure she stays calm, Tiffany, please.”
Dr. Meyers nodded.
“Go sleep you look like shit.”
She chuckled give him a warning look but it disappeared when she looked into his eyes again. “I’m so sorry, Gus.”
“It’s okay.”
Just then Holly started to stir and she waked up. When she saw Gus she started to breathe faster.
“Calm down, just calm down. I’m not here to hurt you,” he touched her head and crouch down. “I’m so sorry what my wife and son did. I didn’t know. They told me the shake isn’t working and I was going to pull it, Holly. I know you must think I’m a monster, but I’m not. I’ll do whatever is in my power to pull this baby through, you hear.”
She nodded as her lower lip tremble and her eyes glistened with tears. The saddest sound he ever hurt escaped her lips. He heard gut-wrenching cries before but this one, it reached his soul and he cried with her. “They won’t come near here, I will get to the bottom of this and you will be okay. You did the right thing to come back. Otherwise, they would never be caught in this lie. Thank you for coming back.”
Holly nodded.
“My daughter. She would never say that Holly. You have to know that. Amelia is against abortions. We have blisters to prove it.” He sniffed and she nodded. “You need to calm down. I gave something to boost the baby, and the shake, well it’s bringing everything nicely down. Don’t ever skip it. Holly. Please.”
She nodded again and sniffed deeply.
“Is there someone that I can call. Your mother, father?”
“No,” she huffed. “I don’t have a close family like yours.”
“Okay. You will be saved here. The P is before the E.”
She chuckled, finally and he bends down and kissed her on her head.
“Just sleep.” He got up and walked to her door. “Wait, before you go to sleep. I need your phone, Holly.”
“I left the phone at home, but the sim card is in my handbag.”
He saw her handbag picked it up and brought it to her. His mother raised him well to never look into a woman’s handbag.
Her hand disappeared and she took out the sim card. She handed it to him.
“Sleep tight. Tomorrow I’ll have more answers for you okay. I promise.”