Coming Soon

Coming Soon

There are definitely fresh stories in the working, since The 4Ever Series and the What if Series are finished.


I’m working on a couple of WIPs that have no titles yet, but I’m sure you will like the concepts very much.


I’m indulging lately in Rom coms and spicy romance stories and read a few that really piqued my interest. I’ve also been developing a new set of books that I’m busy creating on the classic fairytale concepts but without the magic and fantasy element. Trying to come up with a realistic, love interest setting for them, but have that Beauty and the Beast feel to it, or the Cinderella, or the Snow White concept. I’m super excited about launching them and get them out there.


So hopefully this year will be an exceptional year book wise for me.


Other than that, the books that I have available at the moment are up for you to read. I’ll also be doing a lot of review opportunities for you this year. So keep your eyes open for that.


Let’s have an exceptional year together.


Till later,



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