Chance is a selection of three novels that is happening in Secret Love, and how Holly could easily have told Jake about the twins. They are shorter stories than the others that was why we bundle them up in one book
(Please note that the first chapter isn’t edited by a professional editor yet.)

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Remember in Secret Love where Holly spilled the beans but Jake was asleep, well, in this one he willed himself to wake up and the truth came out.


In this What if, a certain young lady phones Rod while Jake and he was busy with a patient and wooed the entire ER with her sass. During lunch, Jake caught a glimpse of Rod’s phone and saw a little angel that could easily have been his…
Oh, just imagine the possibility.


This what if is happening during the evening when Kate, Moira, and Holly met up for a drink…what Holly didn’t bargain on was the late guest and her worst nightmare, AMELIA. Being the opposite of her brother, Amelia pushes Holly into a corner and what Holly reveals is leaving Amelia in a complete mess.