Wattpad Here we Come!

Going to bed with reality-waking up with the dream.

Hanna Lewis is trapped in a loveless marriage. She constantly wonders whether she married the one, and envies her friends’ marriages more than she should.

On her birthday she makes a wish; to


know what it feels like to be loved deeply by her husband, Andrew. She wakes up with a new reality-a dream-one where she is no longer Hanna Lewis, but Hanna Stein.

Hanna falls crazy in love with Justin Stein, the cardiologist she is now married to. He loves her intensely and is everything she’s ever wanted in a man. But the harder she falls, the more she fears.

What will it do to her if she wakes up and is back to reality as Hanna Lewis again?


If you are here through my newsletter, you will more or less what this post is about and can easily just scroll down to the bottom to join Wattpad and to start reading Finding Mr. Right.

If you follow my Blog, then you have no idea what I’m talking about or wondering why I’m releasing a book on a free reads platform. Carry on reading to find out why I had done this.

I know it says Judith Holstrom on the cover, but let me explain why that is.

I’m sure by now everyone knows that I’m writing under various pen names. If you didn’t know that, WELCOME TO THE CLUB!

Judith Holstrom is the pen name that I write my Mystery/Thriller and Horror titles under.

Why the Change?

Well, that is simply easy. I opened a Wattpad account in 2019 under Judith Holstrom and emerged all my pen names with her. There are various titles written by Judith Holstrom, but some are actually Isabella White titles.

Like Finding Mr. Right.

Why did I put this title on Wattpad?

It’s easy. It’s such a different title, a different concept, and I still have no idea whether this concept will do well because it’s so unique. It’s like a wish that sort of came true but went horribly wrong kind of book. Because she didn’t word her wish correctly, she woke up in an alternative world married to someone else and not her husband of the past twelve years.

I like to stick to realism, but it’s a difficult concept to do that.

That is why it’s on Wattpad, as I need a gazillion betas on this one to help me figure out if it’s a story going to do well out there.

Wattpad will give me a great idea of whether it will work or not.

I also am doing things differently this year. I need an agent. I’m sure all of you know that by now. If I wanted to take my writing further.

And Wattpad could help me to get there.

So I’m basically going to try to hit two flies with one stone on this one.

I’m also thinking of entering this book in the Wattys this year. It starts in June/July, I’m not sure, but you will definitely learn about it closer to the time.

So doing this differently and hoping for a better result.

The book is almost complete on Wattpad, and if any of you would like to go read this bizarre and unique story, please try it out. It went through the first round of edit, so not a lot of mistakes in this one. But there is a lot of story kinks to still sort out.

If you do not have a Wattpad account, you can easily open one with your google account/or Facebook, or any other account. It’s so easy.