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Books on Promotion June 1, 2022

Staying in a haunted Romanian castle is bad. Dying in one is worse.

For quiet accountant Olivia Carter, the fortune she inherits from her late mother’s secret first husband is life-changing. Unaware of her mother’s ties to Romanian fast-food mogul Andrei Rusu, Olivia is baffled when she discovers the billionaire has left everything to her instead of to his own penniless sister Elena in Romania.

Venturing to Europe to meet with the neglected branch of the Rusu family, Olivia is determined to make things right. But from the moment Olivia arrives, her time in this romantic country of rolling hills and fairytale castles seems doomed…

Kind-hearted tourist guide Christian has a sick mother and four sisters to feed. But with his van one wheel away from the junkyard, business is not exactly booming. So how could he possibly say no to Elena Rusu when she offers him a nice chunk of money to drive an American heiress around?

Even if every soul in town knows not to cross paths with Elena… But when Christian is ordered to drop Olivia off for a stay at the derelict Magura Castle – the most haunted place in all of Romania – Olivia and Christian start to question every detail of her family trip.


It had been the worst time of her life . . .

. . . but at least now the stalker was behind bars.
Would she be able to find love again?

Dr. Rhiannon Terrebonne’s new life in the cozy coastal town of Waterbury, Oregon, was exactly what she had wanted. The new hospital was perfect, and she’d even met the town’s most eligible bachelor, Peyton, a tech billionaire with a plan to save the world.

The first date sizzled . . .
. . . and the chemistry was undeniable.

She couldn’t get him off her mind—until the unthinkable happened. A huge explosion off the coast at an oil rig had victims pouring into the hospital.

Had the disaster at the oil rig been an accident?

While working through the casualties, a news broadcast stopped Rhiannon in her tracks. She had only gotten a glimpse, but as she watched the chaos, a face in the crowd turned her blood cold. She tried to phone Peyton, but he didn’t answer.

Terror set in.

Had her tormentor, Kyle Banner, been released from prison?

Could he have found her?

You’ll love this medical romance thriller, because it has all the steam you need—and twists you won’t expect!



From USA Today Best-Selling Author, Sade Rena, comes this heartfelt, second chance, surprise baby romance set in the Happily Ever Alpha World.

Latoya Reynard

Forever is a myth.

A made-up notion used to trick lovesick fools.

Now, I know better.

I fell for it once, and it was great until the boy I loved left me alone and heartbroken.

But, he’s back in our small-town, claiming he’s ready to give me the life he’s always promised.

I want to believe him because, despite everything, I still love him.

There’s just one problem…

He has no idea he’s a father.


Jasper Vanek

They say distance matters none when love is on the line.

Something I wish I knew before I walked out on the best thing that ever happened to me.

It was for the better, at least that’s what I told myself.

I was wrong.

And now after all these years, I have a chance to fix things.

From the moment I lay eyes on her, I realize the mistake I made and know that I have to have her again.

She’s mine, and I’ll do whatever it takes.

Imagine my surprise when I return not only for my woman, but also the seven-year-old son I knew nothing about.


Until Forever is part of Aurora Rose Reynolds’s Happily Ever Alpha World. If you loved Until Harmony, then you will want to read Until Forever.



He swore to protect her… but will her secrets destroy them both?


On the run from her dark past, Tessa is hiding secrets that could spell her ruin. But when one passionate night leads her into the arms of her dream man, she has no idea she’s found her perfect protector…

Spencer has one rule: never fall in love. But when he lands in a backwater diner on a hunt for answers, he never expected to get dragged head-first into a wild love affair that leaves him fighting for his life.

The ghosts of Tessa’s past threaten to destroy them both – and as the pair fall into a dangerous world of hidden secrets, forbidden romance, and deadly enemies, their unlikely love affair could come crashing down…

Can Tessa risk giving her heart to Spencer? Or is their on-the-run romance doomed to end in disaster?

Gear up for a thrilling romance series that’s brimming with lust, scintillating steam, and a ton of twists that you’ll never see coming. Bestselling author Hope Paris’ Drawn to The Billionaire series is a wild and action-packed ride that’s guaranteed to keep you on your toes. Scroll up and grab your copy now…



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