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Sunset Island

Read Isabella’s first “Choose your own adventure” with her newest title, a What If Novel: Sunset Island


An alternative story to Secret Love happening 18 months after Imperfect Love. Over 1000 pages and three choices that you can make. Exclusive to Fire Quill Publishers Shop. Available in Epub and Mobi.


Sunset Island is all about fun, games, and swapping couples until you find the love of your life. But what makes this show spicier is that every couple of days, exes will be joining.


Holly almost gets a heart attack when Tracy begs her to apply to be on Sunset Island’s reality show. She dreads it, especially when the Show calls Holly and not Tracy to be a contestant on their sixteenth season. To make it worse, she forgets to list Jake, aka Baby Daddy, in the section which exes is a solid no to join the island. The possibility for him to show up on that island makes exes day her worst nightmare. But Jake will not join. He is way too posh for Sunset Island. Holly doesn’t even think that he knows a show like that exists.


That all changes when Holly receives a text saying it was time to send in the big guns to mess up that island and that she is one of the lucky ladies to go to the beach to meet a possible ex.
Holly prays that it’s not Jake. Otherwise, she might just drown herself.


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