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New Release – Destined II, III and IV

In Destined Part II, Dr. Frank Edwards cannot shake how much the new preemies he delivered look so much like his Godson, Jake Peters. He also can’t get the quick cup of coffee he had with his best friend, Rat, out of his head, telling him about what Jake’s lass did to the poor boy.
He can ask? What harm will it do? The boy never has to know.

Followed by Destined Part III. In this what if story, Holly takes the bus to Seattle and meets a very kind lady, Mirriam? They become friends fast and Holly ends up telling Mirriam about her horrible ordeal. The lady is more than just a friend and Holly swears she is the angel that God had put on the bus to put things back into perspective. She cannot throw away a friendship like she has with Bernice. Maybe if Bernice knows the truth about Jake, Bernie just might end up at Holly’s side.

The last Destined Novel, part IV, Gus and Mara, had a quick cup of coffee with Frank Edwards. Gus has a horrible feeling that his friend, Frank Edwards, does not know about the phone calls his family made to all the hospitals around the USA.
He has to settle his nerves before dragging back his son to Boston, a place without the girl he loves with his entire heart and tries to carry on with his life, but the fear of what he will find can tear his family apart. What limits will a father go for his son’s happiness?

For Me – New Release

Jake Peters has it all. He is drop-dead gorgeous, comes from a wealthy family, and is studying for a doctor. Then why does it feel that his life is so darn empty?

On the night of Bernie Trollip’s birthday, he meets the tornado of a girl, Holly Scallanger, that messes up his life completely. It’s like he has found pandora’s box and he does not know how to put that lid back on as the fact stands—she is getting married to the biggest idiot in the world.

But when the music festival arrives, and Jake sees Leo and Bernie again for the first time in three months, he discovers that the whirlwind of a girl didn’t go through with her wedding and that she has been single for the past three months.

Jake refuses to let this chance slip through his fingers a second time. Holly becomes his everything, real fast and the Shanghai mentoring program is like a dark cloud hanging over them. He has one plan, to make her pregnant. It’s the only way to keep it all, and he’s determined to succeed if only his mother will agree to see things his way.

This is Imperfect Love, Isabella White’s first novel in the 4Ever series, told through Jake’s point of view.

Sunset Island – New Release

Sunset Island is all about fun, games, and swapping couples until you find the love of your life. 
But what makes this show spicier is that every couple of days, exes will be joining.

Holly almost gets a heart attack when Tracy begs her to apply to be on Sunset Island’s reality show.
She dreads it, especially when the Show calls Holly and not Tracy to be a contestant on their sixteenth season.
To make it worse, she forgets to list Jake, aka Baby Daddy, in the section which exes is a solid no to join the island. The possibility for him to show up on that island makes exes day her worst nightmare.

But Jake will not join. He is way too posh for Sunset Island. Holly doesn’t even think that he knows a show like that exists.
That all changes when Holly receives a text saying it was time to send in the big guns to mess up that island and that she is one of the lucky ladies to go to the beach to meet a possible ex.

Holly prays that it’s not Jake. Otherwise, she might just drown herself.


Isabella’s first standalone novel. It’s a blend of the movie ‘NOTTINGHILL’ with a dash of flames.

World-renowned author Rebecca Finlay seems to have it all—award-winning books, fame, and fortune—but her reality is bleaker than the public eye sees.

Jack Priestly loves—his restaurant The Boathouse, his family, and his ordinary, private life. But when celebrity author Rebecca Finlay walks into his life with her beauty and the constant flash of cameras, he starts to fall, and hard.

Will their love work?



Imperfect Love is the first novel in the 4Ever series. An International Bestselling series that you can start with.
It follows the love between Holly and Jake.

After catching her fiancé cheating on her, Holly wants nothing to do with love — until she meets a med student named Jake. But when she becomes pregnant just before Jake leaves for residency, can she risk her heart on their precarious romance?

The What If Series

The What If series are filled with almost 13 alternative versions of how Jake and Holly could’ve gotten back together, how different things would’ve been if the choices they both made were different.

Fatality, Luck, and Fortuitous is available, read further to know about the others.