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What if Holly phoned Jake?
With a broken heart 24-year-old Holly Scallanger gave birth to Romalie and Jamie Bernice. But things doens’t look good.
Romalia is weak, and the little one finally lost the battle.
Her rage and fury blinded her and she made that one phone call, scolding Jake and voicing her hatred to him?
Just a small change, but everything would’ve been so much different.


An alternative story to Secret Love. It takes place 4 years later.

Jake Peter's engagement to Kate Niagelli is going to be a huge affair. He knows it, and everyone that is invited know it.
His parents booked out an entire resort for everyone to enjoy the weekend with the Peters to celebrate the event.

Little do they know that Frank Edwards, a childhood friend of Gus Peters and Jake's godfather, is bring an extra special guest, or three.


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It takes place 18 months later, when Jake attend the Doctor's conference and Holly had no choice but to works.
This is a fast pace version of how the two got back together as Jake was highly medicated due to an injury, and didn't care what he was saying.



This What If novel Frank Edwards
tried to set up Holly with Jake eighteen months after the birth of the twins. Frank discovers who Holly is and with the help from Gus (as Jake was in Shanghai) they sort out the dillema, discover the lies, and brought back the couple.


Remember in Secret Love when Holly wanted to confront Jake after she discovered Jake had a two year old...well in Karma, Kate didn't met him at Downsend and Holly confronted him. A complete different story and outcome, told mostly through Jake's POV

Destined I

Another alternative ending of Imperfect Love. In this one they actually save not just Jamie, but Romy too, as Holly actually stopped at the stop street, turned around and wanted to strangle Jake the same night that she left. 


An alternative story of Secret Love.
Frank comes to Downsend to congratulate Jake, where he kissed Holly and the truth came out through his godfather's lips. Devastating, but another complete different ending.

Supposed to be

Mara Peter's what if. Eighteen months later, Mara is send to Seattle for an emergency and she took it in this what if. She saw Holly and discovered that she kept Jamie.
Jamie haunted her for months and finally she told the family of the things she did eighteen months ago.

What If

Eighteen months later what if novel, another Christmas and Jake came back from Shanghai. He left with his family to a ski resort, where Rod happens to drag Holly to for a small break right before Christmas. Armand discovered Holly and Amelia confronted her in this one.

Destined II

Frank is the hero in this one again. Another what if where little Romy get's saved by her uncle Armand. Right after the twins birth, Frank only sees the Peters and phone Gus to find out what Jake's lass name is. It lead to a trip to Seatle and the truth comes out.

Destined III

A beautiful Angel is with Holly on the bus, a bus she originally wouldn't have taken and she couldn't help but to worry about the crying young girl who seemed to have lost everything. Holly phoned Bernie and the rest is all an uphill race to save the baby.


It's a few stories that is like alternative what if's happening in the second book Secret Love.


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