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The ‘What if’ Novels was created purely out of curiosity and realised that they can be read and enjoyed (hopefully) by the readers of The 4Ever series. The ‘What if’ Novel is just that, What if something different happened, how different would the story have turned out. 



As you all know Jane and Charles constantly told Holly not to phone Jake, and in Imperfect Love she didn’t. But in Fatality, she manage to phone him from one of the nurses phones. As you can imagine, Jake looking for her, is just what he needed and discovered Holly so much sooner.
How does the story end.

Fatality is an alternative ending to Imperfect Love, but please note if I ended Imperfect Love with the Fatality version, Secret Love falls away completely.

This 53k novel will have you in tears. A message from both my editors as it’s still sad. Feeling are raw, sadness are too much and the couple does go through a rough patch...will they find a way to get back to each other.

Fatality will be up for grabs as a free read during the 6 month pre-order of Endless Love 



Fortuitous is an alternative story to Secret Love. It takes place 18 months after their roads have split.
Jake bumped into Jane, who at that time was Frank’s girlfriend, and you all know how Frank fits into the Peter’s life.

Jane obviously knowing who Jake is, is not impressed, and the truth comes out.

This 30K novel will be up for grab as a free Read with The Pre-Order of the Royal and Reckless Boxed set. 



Luck is also an alternative story to Secret Love.
Takes place 4 years later. Jake’s engagement to Kate is a big affair, and Jane is still with Frank.

The all get invited to a resort to celebrate the affair.

I probably don’t have to elaborate on that one.
Luck is up for a free read when you pre-order Infallible by Carlyle Labuschagne.



Holly changed her mind in the nick of time and went back. To her surprise she discover all the secrets and the lies and realized that no family is perfect….not even the Peters.

Will be up with a pre-order soon.